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    Thanks Jeff, I can't wait to get there. I think Management will veto bringing the 1200 though...
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    Hi All, Andy here, I see no one has introduced themselves for awhile... I am in the process of moving from Upstate NY to Northwest South Carolina. I have a 12 year old Weber 1200 that has had 3 sets of flavorizer bars, and 2 sets of grill grates. It has held up great, outside the entire time with no cover. I have a brand new S-470 being delivered to my SC house in a few weeks, and I will be garage sale-ing the 1200 before I go. I am really looking forward to the year-round grilling climate down there. I do grill in the winter here, but I have to dig out the snow, and anything under 40 degrees doesn't work very well for anything besides indirect cooking, the grill just doesn't retain enough heat. I'm already picking up some great info and tips here. Andy