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    Sedona by Lynx - ready to finish BBQ island

    Thanks Dave, so my assumption is that the HB should be sufficient and as long as the hardwood isn't touching the BBQ, we should be set?
  2. Hi team, many thanks for welcoming me to the community. I am thrilled to have stumbled across such a group of individuals. I am currently planning a new outdoor kitchen and am considering the Sedona by Lynx L7000 ready to finish BBQ island and have a few questions; Anybody have experience with Sedona's ready to finish products? any experience with the Sedona appliances? I'd like to finish the siding with Ipe wood, but wanted to gather some experience from the community on wood siding on a BBQ island. I've seen some images on it done and it looks stunning. Sedona offers an Insulated Jacket that is required for installations in combustible enclosures. As the island is built with hardiback board, I assume the insulation jacket isn't needed, but thought I should ask the community. Thanks in advance!