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    Hi I'm about to undertake designing and making my own charcoal barbecue and I've just got some questions and would be extremely grateful if anyone could answer them for me. I have a brief that I'm trying to adhere to which is too Design, Make and Evaluate a Charcoal Barbeque. It must adhere to the following points. It must be able to maintain a 500 degrees centigrade internal temperature It must be easily maneuverable as my client works in an outdoors environment It must be weatherproof as my client often experiences rain at her shows. So here are my questions; Previous experience in constructing your own barbecue? What material do you deem most suitable for this kind of project? Why did you choose that material? And do you think that with all of this in mind that I have a chance on meeting my brief with the materials you have selected? Many thanks, BBQ Bateman