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  1. Lordcornford

    The Great BBQ Build

    That's a great review site. Looks like it's the blaze for me then. Just have to work out how to get one to the uk.
  2. Lordcornford

    The Great BBQ Build

    Hi Chaps, I have been given the green light for a once in a lifetime build from the long suffering wife! I am starting to build a outside kitchen area and patio and need to look at what Built in BBQ to purchase. Now I know some people will turn their nose up but I'm after a Natural Gas Grill. I will keep my Cypriot BBQ for the coals but want Gas to accompany it. I have a 5k budget for everything which must include a 2.5 x 3.5 Oak Gazebo. I already have second hand Granite worktops and going to order a Oak Gazebo soon. So the question is what BBQ of the below is the better? The burners on the Blaze look solid whereas the Napoleon at night looks the conkers! Anyone own any of the following? Bull Angus Blaze Professional 34 Napoleon BIPRO665RB