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  1. I needed a new regulator for my Nexgrill (costco) model of grill: 720-0439 (67,000 total BTU) When I enter my model number on grillservices.com website, it says not found.Anyway, I went to home depo and bought this regulator below, WHICH seems to work fine. This regulator looks SMALLER, the metal round part, than the regulator my grill came with. Is this ok to use? It seems to work fine and the one I bought says it's universal. Just didn't know how big of a deal a regulator is these days and wanted some peace of mind.http://www.homedepot.com/p/Replacement-Regulator-with-Hose-711-0003/206303980If you need it, I can take photos of the old regulator next to the new one, but only difference is the old one, the metal round piece was BIGGER.
  2. jackie1

    720-0439 NEXGRILL - cook grates/cooking grids?

    Whoops, I mean the heavy heavy cooking grates.... Edit, wait I see some on that site. Looks also around $130 for 3. Damn, i guess that's how much they are...
  3. I had to replace these recently and you can only seem to buy these from Nexgrill, and shipping is $50. Anyone else find alternatives? $130 total.
  4. jackie1

    Flame Tamers for a 720-0432

    Anyone still using this grille? I had to replace the cooking grids/grates and the only place you can seem to buy them from is nexgrill. They are pricy!