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  1. With 60,000 btus, a power burner would be used by some pretty large pots, like those used for crab, crawfish, shrimp boils. Safety and like DrDave said view-stir ability.
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    Forum Closing

    I just joined this website. Is there any new info on the future of BBQsource.com?
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    Hello all, i just discovered this site yesterday and have been reading the very informative posts. We are waiting for our stamped concrete patio (30X16) to be poured before I construct our L shaped island. I already purchased Blaze equip including a 32 in 4burner grill, double side burner, 16X16 sink (CW only drained to a dry pit), refrigerator and 2 access doors, drawers. I'm located at Lake Norman, NC.