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    Which way to go with 2004 Jenn Air 720-0062 LP, repair or....

    Well everything was installed and a new tank of LP and I'm back to grilling! Thanks to everyone for the feedback. it's been a long time since we had a working grill so we've been cooking on it every night. Man how I missed the taste or grilled meat! *DROOL*
  2. tlhfirelion

    Which way to go with 2004 Jenn Air 720-0062 LP, repair or....

    I found a nice cover, burners and heat shields and they're all ordered so we are good go! I keep trying to get more info on the mods that were talked about on here for the older Jenn-Airs like the heat shield mod and the divider mod but none of the pics will load. I'm gonna turn this thing into a meat making machine! lol
  3. tlhfirelion

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    I'm going to revive this thread as I am jus now embarking on getting an older Jenn Air 2004 grill up and running. None of the pictures are showing up for these mods but I would be VERY interested in seeing them. Specifically the ones to increase the heat inside. Anybody know where I can see them? I'm not on a movie device but a laptop. Thank you.
  4. tlhfirelion

    Which way to go with 2004 Jenn Air 720-0062 LP, repair or....

    Thank you to everyone for their feedback. I found the parts on amazon for under $80 out the door. Thats only cast burners and stainless heat shields so I hope nothing else needs to be replaced. If not, it was the smart play. I'll try and find a good cover to make it last and maybe have $100 or so buck invested in it. If anyone has any suggestions on what brand of cover to get, I'm all ears. Thanks again for your help!
  5. tlhfirelion

    Which way to go with 2004 Jenn Air 720-0062 LP, repair or....

    Great post, thank you for taking the time to reply. Your issues with the jean air aside, I can't count how many rave reviews I've heard about weber and their longevity, their cooking ability and ease of finding parts when they may be needed. I was totally on the fence but finding parts is proving to be difficult, or at least affordable parts. I guess my question now is what do I ask for it price wise on craigslist? I know nothing about Jenn Air. $300 too much? $250? I'm spitballing here.
  6. tlhfirelion

    Which way to go with 2004 Jenn Air 720-0062 LP, repair or....

    My first reply didn't go thru for some reason so I'll try again. Thank you for your reply. It seems the main issue is what parts I will need to replace, aside from the burners. If I'm going to go down a rabbit hole of sorts where I end up spending 3/4 of the cost of a new (yes from china) grill on parts/quality cover for a 13 year old grill, is that worth it? I don' know the answer to that question. I don't know where is the best place to buy parts either, amazon? I'm a big fan of stainless still parts so I'd hope to be able to replace the cast iron burners with ss if possible. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hello everyone, new guy here. I had a friend give me the above mentioned grill when he moved but it does need new burners. It appears to be in really good condition inside and the stainless on the outside, but aside from that I don't know about any other internal parts. The burners are rusted so bad they are falling apart with rust so I've removed those, pressure washed it, and leaf blower dried it. lol. Some stainless polish made it shine. Now i'm not a hardcore BBQ'er, I just grill burgers, steaks, and chicken breasts from time to time but no rotisserie or anything like that. I had been saving up for a new Weber but now I'm presented with the pickle of buying a new grill or the parts to fix this Jenn Air. Ive never restored a grill but I'm handy so I'm confident I can replace a few grill parts. How much those parts cost on the other hand plus a good cover is where I'm unsure. If should just try and sell the grill I could put it towards a new Weber (just the base model, not the big daddy) thats fine, but if I can get this thing fired up for a hundred bucks or so, it might be worth going that route. Those of you that are familiar with the ins and outs of the Jenn Airs can hopefully shed some light on what I might need to look at parts wise aside from the burners and maybe tell me where I would be best served to get the parts I would need. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.