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    osmosis with steaks

    not sure about the reverse sear..I'm sure I'll try it at some point... but I finally got around to trying this osmosis...and I had GREAT results... used AA grade striploin 3/4" thick....crushed some fresh garlic...smeared it over the steak, sprinkled kosher salt on both sides, cracked peppercorn...hit it with some onion powder...wrapped in plastic wrap...let it sit room temp for 30mins, flipped over...30mins....washed off all the salt,garlic etc.....pat completely dry, a little olive oil...some cracked green/black peppercorn...on the grill to med rare..let it rest i usually always season my steak b4 and after grilling.....but this time..the steak was juicy and just the right about of saltiness for my liking without adding any salt...so the osmosis definitely worked...the steak was VERY flavourful...tasted the garlic.... I'll be using this technique from now on with lower grade steak....give it try!!
  2. wasabi999

    osmosis with steaks

    Thanks for sharing your results...I have yet to try this...reason being, from what I read they recommend with cheaper grades....and past few steaks I've had were CAB AAA...didn't wanna oversalt or ruin some expensive steaks...but I will try to buy some cheap ones to experiment on soon and share the results plastic wrap seems like a good idea...I don't recall reading them using that..but sounds like a good idea to prevent any juices from escaping now to find thick but cheap steaks..probably striploin or ribeye
  3. wasabi999

    osmosis with steaks

    hmm..that sucks...but at the same time...at least the osmosis worked...since I'm assuming it's salty because the salt drew out the water but the salty water went back into the steak...my concern was that the steak would not be salty at all, since your taking all the salt off and patting it dry and not salting it afterwards and relying on the osmosis for the saltiness...what salt did you use? I was going to use sea salt but after hearing about your experience, I think I will stick with kosher salt lastly....I think I'm more willing to try this on a striploin/tenderloin/ribeye/tbone type steak vs a flank steak....I think the flank steak could use a nice marinade overnight to help soften it...gonna have some tonight
  4. wasabi999

    osmosis with steaks

    Did not consider using this technique on a london broil...I'm doing a flank steak tomorrow for fajitas but I'll be using a marinade overnight so won't be trying it out...I'll probably get some ribsteaks next week and try one with and without to check out the diff..but let us know how yours faired
  5. wasabi999

    osmosis with steaks

    I think it kinda makes sense to me...with the salt drawing out the water from the steak and since the water has no where to go but back to the steak (but now salted water)...I'll probably try this with some crushed garlic to see if it pulls the garlic flavour too... its on my list todo....but I got a duck, and chicken to worry about first
  6. wasabi999

    osmosis with steaks

    I've heard a couple of forum members mentioning something about salting their steaks an hr at room temp b4 hitting the grill and talking about osmosis...so I looked into it further and found the following article which details the procedure...I haven't tried it yet but will report back with results on my next steak intake http://steamykitchen.com/blog/2007/08/28/h...i-prime-steaks/