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    I made some grilled chicken sandwiches using an orange juice/Dijon mustard marinade. I toasted some corn-dusted buns and grilled some onions in butter on the side burner, and added some fresh lettuce and tomato. The result was delicious!
  2. Kebab mania

    I've really been enjoying making kebabs for the last few days. I've done beef, chicken, shrimp and sausage. I made a ton for a family gathering and they were a big hit. I'm loving this orange-Dijon chicken marinade. Hope you enjoy the pics!
  3. Members Mark MONARCH04ALP Grill Cover Needed

    Would one of these work? http://www.the-cover-store.com/island-grill-covers/ You could also call a local awning company to make a custom cover. Might be pricey but it would last forever. Good luck!