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  1. Genesis Cover Suggestions

    I've had this cover since 2008 and its held up great. I would recommend it.
  2. Sorry, I included the wrong link. They have the same identical grill available in NG for $400 delivered. I think that is a great deal but I need LPG. Rick
  3. Its a Members Mark at Sams: Model # 843582 http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate....&pCatg=3996
  4. Thank You Takehike66. I'm starting to realize this. After I posted this, I searched again. I realized there is alot more to it than I originally thought. I found an NG grill I was interested in at a great price, but the conversion sounds like it will be a deal breaker. Appreciate the response. Rick
  5. I'm interested in a grill that is natural gas. Is it possible to convert natural gas grills to propane? Any downsides to doing this if possible? Thanks, Rick