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  1. Bill Rigsby

    Gas Line from House Propane Tank?

    Welcome, No I can not answer that, what is the run length? For an 80' run of 1/2" pipe the capacity is 75 MBH (M=1000 - B=BTU - H=HOUR) (1 MBH = 1,000 BTUs / Hr) So an 80' run of 1/2" pipe will provide 75,000 BTUs, minus loss for fittings. 5500' ain't Los Gatos, it's maybe 350?, I lived in San Jose for 20 years. You must have a home in the Sierras.
  2. Bill Rigsby

    Gas Line from House Propane Tank?

    My work is always "well above" code or what a Jack Wad plumber would do (speaking locally), as far as permits, the County can kiss my #$%, I only pay the ridiculous permit cost if the project will be noticeable such as the remodel I did. Sorry I do not work for a LP Gas Company so I have little knowledge about that specialty.
  3. Bill Rigsby

    Gas Line from House Propane Tank?

    How are these measured, or is that something the local propane people can do sorry but I am not very well versed on this aspect of propane.
  4. Bill Rigsby

    Gas Line from House Propane Tank?

    By that I assume you mean water column (WC), which is not stated on the regulator, as it is adjustable?
  5. I am currently running a gas line from my home propane tank around 3 sides of the house to my grilling / smoking (and home-brew) stations. I have one more stick to be cut and threaded tomorrow. I am not sure but will the main tank regulator be good enough, or will I have to continue to use the " tank" regulators also? I am sure someone has done this around here.