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  1. American Cooking Equipment

    some pics. never covered and only cleaned with 3M stainles spray cleaner.
  2. American Cooking Equipment

    yes that is the website. he has a showroom on Hawthorne blvd in Torrance.... a block from barbq's gallore! my fathers grill is 9 or more years old, never covered, and used weekly the entire time. the 316L stainless has less carbon and more nickel providing better rust and corrosion resistance. i will take some pictures of it this weekend for you all.
  3. American Cooking Equipment

    ....a relative of mine has one. it is the most well made stainless grill i have ever seen at $2k. i call it the insinerator. a local guy makes them here. he primarily makes stainless steel items such as tables, benches, cabinets, etc for medical envirnments. here are some lobsters I cooked on it. made of 316L stainless