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  1. Briant73

    The end of Weber?

    Yeah if it's a premium over the open bottom model that's not going to be good. Like I said I will wait and see what happens but one thing I hope is these grills are more substance than marketing at their price point, if not hopefully some other company fills the niche.
  2. Briant73

    The end of Weber?

    Time will tell if the new 2017 Weber Genesis grills are a good grill for the price or not, but I agree the open cart thing has me concerned though I did read they will have LUX models that have carts.
  3. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    So far very good, they saw pictures of the firebox and are going to replace that also. They asked I check the igniter positioning on the burners which I will do but to be honest I think the igniter unit itself is weak, it's never been good since day one.
  4. Briant73

    Genesis e-330 (current model) heat deflectors in S/S?

    When at my local hardware store, I noticed the new Weber genesis had SS versions of those.
  5. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Update - I wrote weber back and they apologized for the confusion and are sending a new lid. I asked them what about the firebox which I noticed is having the same issue as the lid (though not as easy to see unless looking for it) and an issue I have had since I got the grill, the igniter is not working well. I will see what they say but glad that someone in customer service is listening and working with me!
  6. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Well as everyone guessed and I suspected they sent a small tube of touch up paint and no instructions past the sand and paint they told me in an email. I wrote them another email detailing my questions and concerns, I know that no product is perfect but I bought Weber for the customer service if something does go wrong so fingers crossed I get somewhere with their support.
  7. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    I feel you're right and I will contact Weber once i see what they sent me, which I'm pretty sure is just a small touch tube of paint.
  8. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    So far all Weber has done is offer to send me paint, tell me to sand area and apply paint (that's it), tell me the warranty for rust through still stands and to contact if further issue. I will see what they send me but if it's a small tube of paint I will contact them again. When I sent the pictures to them, made sure to tell them even where you see paint, it's flaking off so I think I'll need to repaint most of the side.
  9. Briant73

    Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Hello been awhile since I posted but recently I noticed the left side of my weber genesis lid the paint is flaking off, Weber is going to send me some touch up paint and told me to sand it but before I do anything I wanted to see what the people here think because a it's not a small area and the paint seems to have a textured finish to it. Let me know what you think I should do - Update this grill is less than five years old in case anyone is wondering.
  10. Briant73

    Just bought a Napoleon Mirage M485RSIB

    Looks like one nice grill feature wise. Napoleon Mirage M485RSIB Keep us updated and pictures would be great! Also when I called up the brochure there is a statement saying 0-1800 degrees in 30 seconds flat (I pray this is Fahrenheit). Seems to claim this is for the sizzle zone burner and it's surface cooking temp. Have you tested that out yet?