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  1. The end of Weber?

    Yeah if it's a premium over the open bottom model that's not going to be good. Like I said I will wait and see what happens but one thing I hope is these grills are more substance than marketing at their price point, if not hopefully some other company fills the niche.
  2. The end of Weber?

    Time will tell if the new 2017 Weber Genesis grills are a good grill for the price or not, but I agree the open cart thing has me concerned though I did read they will have LUX models that have carts.
  3. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    So far very good, they saw pictures of the firebox and are going to replace that also. They asked I check the igniter positioning on the burners which I will do but to be honest I think the igniter unit itself is weak, it's never been good since day one.
  4. Genesis e-330 (current model) heat deflectors in S/S?

    When at my local hardware store, I noticed the new Weber genesis had SS versions of those.
  5. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Update - I wrote weber back and they apologized for the confusion and are sending a new lid. I asked them what about the firebox which I noticed is having the same issue as the lid (though not as easy to see unless looking for it) and an issue I have had since I got the grill, the igniter is not working well. I will see what they say but glad that someone in customer service is listening and working with me!
  6. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Well as everyone guessed and I suspected they sent a small tube of touch up paint and no instructions past the sand and paint they told me in an email. I wrote them another email detailing my questions and concerns, I know that no product is perfect but I bought Weber for the customer service if something does go wrong so fingers crossed I get somewhere with their support.
  7. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    I feel you're right and I will contact Weber once i see what they sent me, which I'm pretty sure is just a small touch tube of paint.
  8. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    So far all Weber has done is offer to send me paint, tell me to sand area and apply paint (that's it), tell me the warranty for rust through still stands and to contact if further issue. I will see what they send me but if it's a small tube of paint I will contact them again. When I sent the pictures to them, made sure to tell them even where you see paint, it's flaking off so I think I'll need to repaint most of the side.
  9. Weber Genesis 330 lid paint issue

    Hello been awhile since I posted but recently I noticed the left side of my weber genesis lid the paint is flaking off, Weber is going to send me some touch up paint and told me to sand it but before I do anything I wanted to see what the people here think because a it's not a small area and the paint seems to have a textured finish to it. Let me know what you think I should do - Update this grill is less than five years old in case anyone is wondering.
  10. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    I thought about getting new parts just in case but Weber may have asked for the old parts back and I don't feel like taking the grill apart a third time so soon. As to the rust on the grill it's rust and it's on the rear of the grill CART/frame in a corner where there are welds. I believe the cart is painted steel. As for the lid, it's actually the Firebox itself on the lip of the left corner where it meets the lid. Some of the finish came off with the packing tape in the corner.
  11. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    Thanks to everyone for the information so far. Here's an update on my grill and some minor issues/concerns I have - Tonight I was cleaning off the grill and noticed a very small rust spot on the backside of the grill cart on the upper side panel in the corner. The spot itself is very small but with the grill being so new I decided to give Weber a call about it and they asked for an email with photos of that problem and any other concerns I had. So I took a pic of the small rust spot, and also the upper left corner of the firebox where it meets the front of the lid which when I was unpacking the grill some of the finish came off with the packing tape. I sent the photos and described what I was seeing, Weber support responded promptly asking if a new side cart panel and firebox would be acceptable. I was amazed at the response in both promptness and offering to replace parts but I wanted to discuss this so I asked to talk to them. I discussed how the rust spot was very small and if I could clean the rust off, get some touch up paint to cover it and see how that does, I felt this would be easier then taking apart the whole grill and they agreed. As to the firebox concern I asked was the issue really serious enough to warrant replacement and the tech said it was a cosmetic issue and would not be an issue with food safety or longevity of the firebox. The tech even said after awhile I may notice other areas looking the same and it was no cause for major concern. I decided to keep the firebox as is and monitor though Weber said if I change my mind to contact them and they will work on resolving the issue as needed. So all in all Weber support was great and without prompting was willing to replace all parts but after talking to them I rather go the easier route than rebuilding the grill, with the option of Weber support stepping in if the grill gets worse or I change my mind about the issues. Now just to make sure I wonder what you guys think I should of done about those issues?
  12. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on covering. I talked to Weber about the cover and they said it's up to the owner discretion. As of right now my thoughts are to use the cover more in the winter/fall/spring to keep out the rain, snow and leaves and sparingly in the summer. After stopping at my local grill store to pick up some supplies I noticed the knobs on their display grills stood out more and turned easier than mine. Inspection of the grill afterwards showed mine were practically hitting the control panel plate when pressed in and seem to be off center to the left. After seeing that I disassembled the grill and put it all back together making sure everything was right and now my knobs turn easily with enough room even when pressed in and are centered. I have to say the re-assembly took me awhile the first time took hardly no time at all this time around. I also decided to inspect the flames and they do get high but look blue with just a hint of orange at the tip showing a bit from time to time. I bought some Weber grate cleaner to try out and though it's not a miracle product it did work well. So reading about smoking how many people have bought the smoker kit for their genesis and how do you like it?
  13. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    Thanks! Though I'm new to this current Weber Genesis design I actually am not new to Weber. For many years I had a small green Weber Spirit that worked year after year with just internals needing replaced but I wanted something larger and was unsure if my next residence would have an NG line so went with Charbroil which is easily converted between LP and NG. I have since moved and even though the CB didn't last as long as I hoped it still gave me plenty of time to get moved in and save some cash for a new grill purchase. So this spring went to my nearby dealer and looked at the Webers and also Napoleons which the dealer also carried and decided on the Weber. I hope you're able to clean your grill soon and glad to hear the fire didn't get out of control. I'll make sure to read your previous posts about using the Weber.
  14. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    Thanks for the information. The burgers came out great. As to the grill - The grill wasn't too hard to put together though it seems the assembly instructions and the parts don't always look the same. Mainly the instructions referenced 4 black screws for the side burner but I found 4 stainless screws in the kit and also the rear panel hole for the gas line is closer to the firebox than the ground but the instructions show it closer to the ground. The only other thing is I wish they had the parts labeled easier to tell which one goes with the instruction step. My advice to anyone assembling the grill and is new to the process is grab 4-5 plastic containers then look at the steps and what parts are required, put what you think are the correct parts for each step in an individual container and double check before assembling, that way you know you have the right parts ready for each step. Other things to note the main box is a bit heavy and bulky so if you elect to pick it up yourself you may want a helper. As for unpacking a second set of hands for the firebox/lid is very welcome, same goes for when installing those parts on to the cart. I would say everything else a single person can do on their own. As to the grill operation I wiped it down of any factory dust, plugged in the gas line then turned on the burners waited for the air to go out and lit all four burners and the side burner. I let it run around 30 minutes full throttle to burn off any dirt/oils and get rid of any odd smells. During this time the temp gauge hit 650-660 range, once I turned off the side burner I saw 675-685 range. This is on a 45-50 degree damp overcast day. I shut it down and let it cool for twenty minutes after that. Once the grill was cool I relit with just the three main burners, it hit around 550 and I threw the burgers on and they cooked perfectly. Awhile later I went out and lit the grill, let it hit 400-450 and tried my grill daddy brush on it and it cleaned up well and the small amount of water coming out of the brush steamed right up and helped cleaning. When I got done brushing I closed the lid and let it burn off for awhile, it hit 600 and I checked and everything was nice and clean so I shut it off. I think 600 degrees with just the three burners lit on a 45-50 degree overcast damp day is acceptable but would like to hear what others think. I think I am going to buy a cover for rainy days and winter. Talking to the grill salesman at my local hardware store he recommended one for winter if the grill is left outside year round which is what mine will be.
  15. New Genesis EP-330 Owner

    I just picked up and assembled a brand new Genesis EP-330 NG for this grilling season, retiring my CB commercial 4 burner. I have some questions of course 1) Best way to preheat and what temp should I expect to see it reach? (I did a burn in and hit 650 with the side burner on, 675 with it off) 2) Best way to maintain/clean the grill inside and out after cooking? 3) Cover it? And if so which cover? I will have more questions and observations later but it's time to eat some burgers I just grilled.