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  1. jowilker

    Newbie Question Q3200 or E210

    fac, I don't know about either grill, but do use an older Q200 as a daily driver and love it. So I'd likely lean toward Q3200. Hope you make a good choice for you. John
  2. jowilker

    Weber Redesign for 2017

    I would suggest Craigslist for a used Weber. And don't overlook the Q series. I have been using one for about 10 years now and it is fast for everyday use. John Can't figure how to load images.
  3. jowilker

    Manifold Replacement?

    The valves are all brass for the most part, you can take each valve apart clean everything by wiping, reapply lube and close it back. As for the frame sand it, paint it, and re-attach, no concerns that I am aware of. I would add unless you notice hard to turn or burner just not working, leave the valves alone. I would sand the burner tubes along the holes to remove buildup. Good luck John
  4. Amen on that. That's why I rebuilt my Silver for the big stuff, and use my Q200 as my daily driver. It is fast. John
  5. I said that because when I Google searched Kamado Joe Classic all I saw was RED egg. I have said for a long time that I will not debate one word on the taste that can be achieved using charcoal, but will not back away from, with using my gas grill we are going to the dishwasher before you can come in the door. Charcoal grilling is for an event not every day. John
  6. Hmmmm, She sez "buy a big Green Egg," and you buy a big Red Egg. Whatchya think Rich???? John
  7. jowilker

    2010 Genesis E-310 ($479) VS 2011 Spirit SP-310 ($549)

    Aren't you so proud? John
  8. jowilker

    2010 Genesis E-310 ($479) VS 2011 Spirit SP-310 ($549)

    Weber grills are made to last. John
  9. jowilker

    Restoring Old Weber grills - advice appreciated

    I concur stay away from Charbroil unless you want to grab it's frame like I did for my Weber Q200. Turned a table top grill into a frame mount. I'd suggest that you take your time and check Craigslist every day. plug in craigslist.org then work your way to the one closest to you then bookmark it. Put Weber grill in the search box and start seeing what is available and at what price. You have to check daily and be patient. One day you will click on and say oh heck yeah that one is for me. John
  10. jowilker

    Very Imperessed

    Bubba, Can you help me understand your comment "The individual gases are quite different on their own" ? John
  11. jowilker

    Very Imperessed

    Weber! Don't think gas type has much play as it basically is the same, just delivered at different pressures. John
  12. jowilker

    Moving side burner on EP-330

    Steve, I can only tell you what John might do if the grill was at his house, and not recommend that you do same. 1st let me say I have not worked on an EP so I cannot be specific. I would disconnect the side burner from it's gas source and either get a longer hose or buy a new regulator with 2 hoses and connect one to the grill and the other to the side burner. I have taken old 1/4 in air hose and used it for gas line by adding fittings. Stink is added to LP so if there is a leak it can be detected. Some may read this and find it offensive so as to not make the site responsible, I do not recommend you do this. John
  13. jowilker

    Summit S-450

    May I also suggest that you swap that burner with another one to see if the issue follows the burner or remains. It could be a simple blockage of some sort. John
  14. jowilker

    Summit S-450

    Not trying to be smart, but two things have to occur. There has to be gas flowing, and spark to ignite the gas. Since you can lite it with a liter the sparker isn't doing it's job. I have never worked on one of these, but the concept is the same for all. Have you looked closely to see if it sparks like the other burners? John
  15. jowilker

    Summit S-450

    How should this burner tube be lit normally? John