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  1. Getting back into it!! Time for a new smoker

    Here is one of my grillin' sessions.
  2. Getting back into it!! Time for a new smoker

    I got a Primo XL Oval a few years ago and I love it. I can do everthing from smoke 40# of BBQ to cook a dinner for two. My only regret is I waited to long I should have gotten is sooner. I've cook 40# of BBQ, 10# of chicken legs and thighs, 10# of Hotdogs and 10# of hamburgers for a cookout. Then another dinner steaks for 4 with corn on the cob and asparagus. Then another dinner porkchops all on same bag of lump charcoal.
  3. Does anyone here have the XL BGE?

    The cart costs almost as much as the grill. I like the way the grill is centered and not way off to one side. I cook a lot with charcoal my other grill the tray is rusting through. I think it's time to get one that will last for a very long time.
  4. Does anyone here have the XL BGE?

    I went to SunLife in Granite Falls today to look at the Primo XL and I think that is the route I will be going. I like the oval shape, the color and it's made in the USA. The Primo XL, XL cypress cart, rack extensions, firebox divider and a cover will be $1936. It will take two weeks after I place the order before I will be cooking on it. I can't wait until I get to fire that thing up. I should be getting it before Thanksgiving I may smoke a turkey this year!
  5. I'm thinking of getting one when I get my bonus this year well after the 1st of next year actually. To get the XL and the table what would the price range be? I'll be saving up some extra so I would just rather get the table and the grill at the same time. I cook just about every weekend do they really use little fuel like the video on their website says?
  6. Beer Can Chicken

    You don't have to have a can if the stand is made to hold the chicken. My stands need the can only to help hold them.
  7. Beer Can Chicken

    Yes I make 2 every year for the 4th. I wash the chicken then pat dry. Add the rub and place an empty can in the holder and then place the chicken on the stand. I slow cook them in my smoker. This year I'm going to brine them to see if they taste better. How because the beer never evaporates and the membrane is to tough for anything to soak through?