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  1. DrDave

    Adhere thin brick to Hardibacker

    On Hardi board, first roll and or brush a coat of cement glue, while it is tacky apply your stucco or mortar mix, then masonry. I used this method 19 years ago to stucco my Island and it still looks new today. I used tinted stucco that matched my house.
  2. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    Something like this. As for the HB, if you have good support underneath I would use 1.
  3. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    Looks good, it appears as though you are a careful planner/designer. Post photos as you build please. I see 5 places for a large tile and if I were doing it they would be at a 45 degree angle. A bit more work but the rewards are great!
  4. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    I have seen some creative tile work using both large and smaller ones. Areas where you might set a pan or plate are likely to be central to a surface. You might consider options. Just plain tile is pretty boring. Think outside the box, you might impress yourself in the end.
  5. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    Your choice of course but I would consider a larger tile. Smaller tiles mean more grout joints to possibly fail over time. I learned that the hard way before I took them off and went to granite.
  6. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    What are you going to cover it with? With granite, you don't need more than 1/4". Mine is granite and survived a crane lift over our new home after being moved on a trailer 20 miles. It is now 18 years old. Tile is another problem, for this I would use 1/2" and I would NEVER use wood in any outdoor Island. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture. Fine if granite, terminal if tile. The grout will eventually fail.
  7. You need vents both high and low so there is a flow of fresh air sweeping any potential leaking gas clear of the Island. 20 square inches each is what is recommended.
  8. DrDave

    New Build in Texas

    Make sure your propane bottle is in a separate/isolated space and has 2ea 20 sq" openings, high and low.
  9. DrDave

    Sedona by Lynx - ready to finish BBQ island

    I would keep looking, this one is too high priced and is not a WOK burner.
  10. DrDave

    Sedona by Lynx - ready to finish BBQ island

    I got mine from Barbecues Galore. I don't know if they still have them but we love ours. When BBQG took down their Forum, fired 55 managers, including a great friend and their top salesman, then abandoned me, I stopped supporting them. I did this for free for almost 10 years.
  11. DrDave

    Sedona by Lynx - ready to finish BBQ island

    I agree, I think an air space of 2" is what is required for metal chimneys. So as long as the wood is not in contact with the metal of the BBQ you should be fine. BTW, we installed a WOK burner in ours. I highly recommend one. It can be used like a regular burner for pots.
  12. DrDave

    Sedona by Lynx - ready to finish BBQ island

    HB is good to about 1500 degrees. I can't imagine what good an insulation blanket would do or even how or where it would be applied. As for burners, I recommend a single "bad ass" burner, not the wimpy ones in the dual setups.
  13. Assuming the power burner is for large pots, the lower installation allows you to see inside unless you are 7' tall. Some people make the mistake of building their islands too high, so this is another reason to have it lower. The problem there (higher counters) is their wives are handicapped as a result.
  14. DrDave

    New Orleans Outdoor Kitchen

    Clearly a work of art!!! Some thought and a lot of experience went into this build.
  15. DrDave

    New Orleans Outdoor Kitchen

    No photos came through on this last post.