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  1. DCS - Made by Fischer Pakel

    DCS was founded in 1987. In 2004, they were bought by Fischer Paykel (big Australian/New Zealand firm). F&P has a big manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, CA in addition to NZ and Australia. The leading guys at DCS didn't last long at F&P as they saw their product declining in quality in a move to outsourcing and mass marketing (according to them of course). Five of them left to form Capital Cooking Equipment. The ceramic tubes in hte DCS grills are interesting and ceramic is a proven way to radiate heat, but I've heard the tubes are very prone to breakage as they are brittle - its a good idea, but maybe tubes aren't the best way to exectute the technology. DCS/FP seem to use quality materials, but the fit and finish isn't quite there for a product this expensive in my opinion, so maybe the former founders of DCS are right ......