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  1. Pign It

    Masterbuilt Smoker Modification

    I would say these materials would be very inexpensive and would work great for what your doing.
  2. Pign It

    Masterbuilt Smoker Modification

    I modified it to NG but yes it is a gas smoker.
  3. Pign It

    Masterbuilt Smoker Modification

    OK, here is my opinion. This flue may work really well to modify a Smoky Mountain cooker, one that doesn't have a flue at all but a vent on top. I really don't think it is worth the effort on my smoker. I really couldn't tell the difference with the flue or with my 6 inch stock flue. If I turn down my gas all the way and there is any wind it is going to blow it out regardless of the height of the flue. I do think that if you didn't have any flue at all and just the vent, this would work great. Just my observation and professional expert (refer to personal statement) I'm sure what I'm talkin about opinion.
  4. I had a problem with the burner going out on low on windy days so I put together a cheap flue extension. This cost me about 5 bucks and is easy to put on and take off. I'll stick some pics on here and if anyone needs any more info just let me know. It is a 4 inch starter collar and a 2 foot piece of flue pipe. I made the damper out of scrapes. Like I said, cheap and works. I don't want anything permanent because it would impede the fit of my cover.