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  1. Fünfer

    Turkey on the Rotisserie?

    Tomorrow is the day. The bird is taking a bath in the brine over night. Thanks for all the suggestions on a good brine. While the bird is riding the merry-go-round tomorrow I'll be using some wood chunks to get some smoke going. I decided to go with 'plum'. I am really looking forward to dinner.
  2. Fünfer

    Turkey on the Rotisserie?

    I have to say I am really looking forward to cooking the turkey on the rotisserie this year. Thanks for all your tips so far. I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
  3. Fünfer

    Turkey on the Rotisserie?

    John, thank you for the input. Good to know the 18 lbs limit on the motor and the spit. So I guess I shouldn't do two 12 lbs birds. I take it from your post that the 16 lbs bird you did had no problems clearing the infrared burner on the rotation. Maybe I can feed enough people with a 16 lbs bird. I need to check on that. Which Alton Brown brine recipe did you use? The honey brine? Thanks
  4. Fünfer

    Turkey on the Rotisserie?

    I have a Summit S470 with the Rotisserie, and I would like to use that for T-Day this year. How big of a turkey can you fit on the Rotisserie and still have the bird clear the infrared burners, and without getting too close to them? Does anyone have experience with that on the S400 or S600 series of Webers? I was thinking of maybe putting two 12 lbs. on the rotisserie. Would that work? Thanks for any input you may have.