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  1. Pork Belly

    dont throw it out Don, if you cured it or smoked it, fry it like bacon afterward, if you still don't like it put it in the toaster oven on 150ish for a few hours and cut it into dog treats
  2. Tile for countertop?

    Sheet the top with 1" 1/8 exterior plywood, but like Dave said i would go with some more vertical studs, then follow a nailing schedule like every 4"s
  3. Looking Forward To Spring

    burgers on the griddle are good
  4. Hello All

    howdy Al
  5. chicken and steak

    Awww hoods like me cut its balls off and put it on a plate (not his balls, the meat) yeah 130 is a perfect med rare and like hood im in the camp of after that its jerkey or dog treats
  6. Hii everyone

    Happy new year Mikey and Eric, welcome boney. Happy 2017
  7. The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    I like it with my great dane pup and faithful steed tubby
  8. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    yeah that will work sounds tasty too, ive used chicken skin in a pinch, I just try to stay with natural fat cause oils like evoo and evo break down at 350F and if my grates are 600F it kinda just burns the oil and tastes kinda nasty
  9. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    I guess that would depend on how you like your steak, i like mine just short of med rare, so i get the grates hot as i can and char each side of a 1-1.5 inch steak for a few minutes each side. my family likes well done so I close the lid for theirs
  10. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    No you gotta throw the pan out if its disposable or clean it with steal wool if its cast, i get actual bacon fat from the butcher, i take it rendered would mean like frozen bacon grease? naw i wouldn't recommend that, although my wife saves that grease for when she makes tamales its a little tastier than lard
  11. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    Again it matters what your grilling, if i'm doing burgers i usually have the lid up and the burners on high so I am chargrilling, like burger king lol, if you close the lid the top of the food starts cooking, if thats the desired effect close the lid. jim
  12. Best way to cure a smoker

    yes and yes no after its burned off do your thing
  13. Best way to cure a smoker

    please proof read your posts its kinda hard to understand what you're saying Ok so a offset natural fuel smoker I have one also, if it came with a grate for your fire box use that or put the fat on a skillet on the coals just like you're frying bacon. yes when you first start the fuel leave the lid up on the smoke chamber and the fire box till you have a clean burn then close them both and let it come up to temp. everything you smoke will season the smoker this first round is so the first cook doesn't taste like raw metal. jim
  14. Best way to cure a smoker

    Kp let it get as hot as you can to burn off manufacturing oil, if there is any (there should be) it will smoke at first, then just smell like hot metal, let it go for a half hour or so, this is a natural fuel smoker? (this thread is old so please refresh my memory) if yes just let it burn out, if gas turn off the gas. bacon, is bacon fat not grease, not frozen grease, meat fat trimmed be it chicken pork, beef, your butcher should be able to hook you up, even if its bones with uncooked fat on them, the idea is the uncooked fat heats up renders (melts) and steams the smoker, same thing as cooking 80/20 burgers in a new grill with the lid closed, the greasy steam will rise and coat the metal, your going one step further for your smoker and reducing BBQ sauce using wood or coal, if you got the smoker hot as hell like you would a grill you can put the BBQ sauce in a skillet and reduce it, don't let it burn even if you put it on coals, burning anything in a smoker will leave behind a flavor, a grill is different because of the higher heat. don't rub anything on the inside, never clean the inside with any kind of chemical, at low temps you will taste whatever the environment the meat was cooked in, high heat not so much. I personally don't add wood anymore when I season my smoker, my first cook it picks up the wood flavor, the reason is when you burn wood or coal (for that matter) you have to be careful you don't create creosote or you just seasoned your smoker with poisonous tar from combustibles burning without proper ventilation. Its different when you stoke the fire with wood or coals versus when you first start a fire when you season the grill you want the heat glowing so most of the crap is burned off the fuel, then choke off the air so the fat and sauce will get onto the metal. you should be able to wipe your finger on the inside of the lid and have grease on it. plan B. heat it hot as hell, let it cool get a butt, brisket, pork belly even chicken (bone in skin on) and smoke it basting it with a sweet BBQ sauce (not spicy vinegar based) then eat what you made and just remember when you preheat don't go 600-700F like you would a gas grill, stay low 300 ish then just use it and it will stay seasoned, its not till your smoker sits for months on end that the grease gets rancid and moldy, I haven't used my smoker in 6 months but I've heated it a dozen times or more, so I don't have to scape it clean when i do go to use it, my grill, screw it heat to 8-900F clean the grates and cook my burgers, steaks or whatever. If you want to smoke hot and fast 350-400 just always let your fuel burn clean before you add the meat. check out the proper look of the smoke coming out of your rig to avoid creosote, google it or whatever, then you will be all set
  15. Best way to cure a smoker

    1. yep let it get real hot, you should no longer smell oil, just hot metal 2. yep, bacon fat works good also 3. if you want 4. no let the fat melt then add bbq sauce 5. not if they are hot it won't the fat grease and bbq sauce will stick to the metal and coat it, then when the smoker gets hot the wood smoke will stick to that every time you smoke something. keep in mind if you preheat the smoker don't let it get too hot, about 400 and above will burn off the seasoning. If you have to re season it (or want to) just start like its a new smoker and get it rippin hot 500 plus and it will turn everything to ash, brush that out and start fresh. you will know it was successful when the unit is cold and it smells like bbq, the coating will also inhibit rust on the inside of the smoking chamber. jim