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  1. sgiantsman

    Bayside Build

    You kiddin??? Yes, details! details! details! Sounds cool man! Just a simple description would be great! Buying the 32G soon.....
  2. sgiantsman

    Need to vent!

    The owners manual doesn't really say anything...it just says that the structure must be vented So I was looking around internet and found a marine supply store online. http://www.go2marine.com/product.do?no=27122F Reasonalbly priced! What size do you recommend?
  3. sgiantsman

    Need to vent!

    Natural gas....lighter than air? Dr. Dave's ppt was a wake up call. Thanks again... What is the standard for venting a 12' BBQ island? Picture an L shape with the tall end 12' and the leg 2'...I'm thinking every 4 feet top and bottom? is that too much? I can do plenty of venting in backside as it's not visible to viewing.... then a rectangular bar separate....same? every 4 ft for good air flow?