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  1. Hello Dave and 'hood! Kinda figured you guys would be the first to respond.. We've missed most of the heavy snow this winter, but they're calling for something real bad rolling in tonight into tomorrow. Fingers crossed it'll just be rain. Last weeks N'easter laid down a ton of water around here, I lost one of my dogwood trees, broke off right at ground level due to the heavy winds. Sure dampened the grilling urges! Anyway - glad to hear from you, I'm sure others will begin participating again soon. mike
  2. Wow. I've watched these forums go from a rocky start, to a mellow run, then literally an explosion of new sign-ups - through great periods of photo postings, new grills, hardware, recipes, techniques - you name it, this was the place to be for all things BBQ. So, it's sad now to log in and see basically no activity since last year. Spring is approaching, I know we normally slow down for the winter months, but never a completely dry period like this. Here's hoping as the warm weather breaks soon (at least here in the Northeast), things will start perking up. Lets go folks - anybody still grilling? Who's bought (or is going to buy) a grill for the new approaching season? What's your favorite meat to grill/smoke? We can't let this place die - let us know what's happening in your grillin' world! For me, no new grill as my ancient Kirkland is still working just fine (albeit replacing burners annually but cheaply @ $4 per burner), steak is still my favorite though ribs and chicken are close behind. Am I gonna have to post pictures to stir things up here? Don't make me bring out my camera! ;-) Hello 2018 and hello to all you members, past and present that are maybe like me, just popping in but not posting. Lets' get a fire going! mikey
  3. cuskit

    Major Site Rework

    Think I'll go with the ribs for a bit!
  4. cuskit

    Major Site Rework

    Dave - I think it's looking awesome! Loving the flame theme. You've done well - so much cleaner, brighter and a definite improvement over the old style. Thanks so much for your efforts! mike
  5. cuskit

    The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    Definitely coleslaw and beans, but don't forget corn on the cob!
  6. cuskit

    Hii everyone

    Welcome to the Source boney! You'll find it kinda slow here through the winter months. But things do pick up late March and April. Meanwhile - thanks for joining up, don't hesitate to let us know what grill you are using, your experiences and especially any food shots you might wish to share! Happy New Year! mike
  7. cuskit

    Making Sawdust..

    Thanks! Here's a few of my latest uploads: Is Your Job Killing You? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j2Yly0g2-w Oh My God! Did I Just Cut Off My Hand? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UuTYbwvEaM How To Build Mid-Century Modern Furniture Part One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdhaxIacQF0 If you enjoy any of these videos and would like to see more, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwX5lisHpiEuC1E8uq0mCw?view_as=public
  8. cuskit

    Nothing to say here

    That tater salad looks like something I'd mow through very quickly! Of course - you'd have to pry my stiff, cold dead fingers from the pulled pork sandwich to try and get any...
  9. cuskit

    Forum activity

    Rich - that's great how you are introducing the grandchildren to the world of bbq/smoking... That combined with the Independence movie sounds to be a great holiday in the making! For myself - after watching the trailer, I'm highly anticipating an excellent sequel regardless of any reviews! Have a great weekend, both you and the entire family group gathering at your house! mike
  10. cuskit

    Forum activity

    Maybe some 4th of July bbq activity will help bring in some posts. How about it folks? What are you all grilling up for the holiday weekend? Menus, photos and descriptions please! mike
  11. Happy Memorial Day 3 day weekend to all of you! I know of two night's menus - there's definitely steak planned, probably for Sunday. Monday will be traditional sweet sauce bbq'd chicken wings with smoked St. Louis loin cut baby back ribs. So that leaves tomorrow (Saturday). Patty may bless me with pasta and meatballs, so - the grill may lay dormant for one day. But that's okay because yesterday it yielded a pair of awesome California Burgers! Here's my Memorial Day Porn teaser: 2 big (18 ounces each) of pure Angus Prime, fresh ground and seared over my ceramic searing burner. Laid out between sliced, seeded Knip hard rolls, garnished with fresh iceberg lettuce, crisp green pepper slices, sweet Georgia Vidalia onions, deep red Jersey tomatoes, Land o' Lakes American Yellow melted cheese slices and slathered with Hellmanns Mayo and Heinz Ketchup. And oh yea - don't forget, plenty of fresh ground black pepper and of course (pun intended) Mediterranean Coarse Sea Salt. Life gets no better than this! Enjoy your Q'ued weekend and please share here if possible any photo'd proof of grilling... Thanks - mike Click on photo to appreciate enlarged view!
  12. Rich - yes, though for the most part it's just Patty and I, there are a half dozen or so occasions each year where we have up to a few dozen guests over and then I wish for an even larger grill! I do usually supplement it with my mini-grill and my Weber 22" charcoal kettle. Back to the searing grill - I like my steaks medium rare - and it was always touch and go to get that really "charred crust" exterior I love without overcooking the inside. That's the real benefit to a dedicated searing burner that puts out up to a 1000 degrees on the grates. I haven't had a steak now in over two months.. But for sure one day on this three day holiday weekend I will be searing either a NY Strip, a Porterhouse or a rib-eye! They're calling for hot, humid weather starting tomorrow (we're approaching 90 degrees today) so for sure it's time for a steak!
  13. cuskit

    Weber Spirit E-210

    Welcome mikhooper! Just a quick note: this thread is @ six years old.. But nice of you to point out this link!