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  1. C2112

    Portable gas grills that SEARS

    If price is not too much of an object, check out the TEC Infrared. There was a user out in California a few years back who swore by the grill. He was a chef or amateur chef and made some amazing dishes on it. I forget the user (do a search). It was a portable grill. He kept it on a cart and that rill gets hotter than any gas grill (1000+ degrees) / almost no flare ups.
  2. C2112

    Weber Redesign for 2017

    Nice! Looks like Weber is going retro on the Genesis. Looks like an old 'redhead' Personally, I like a closed cabinet though.
  3. C2112

    Avocado Oil

    I finally got around to buying Avocado oil to grill with. Awhile back, Jim (aka Tubby’s Smokehouse) posted about the smoke points of various cooking oils. I remember Avocado having one of the higher smoke points – I just checked it is 520 degrees. By comparison, olive oil is in the 460’s. I’ve cooked with it at least 15 times using a Misto sprayer to apply. My go to oil used to be extra virgin olive oil. For now I am going to keep using the Avo oil and stay away from EVOO. I’ve noticed a big reduction in flare-ups and there is no impact on taste. My supermarket did carry it but I haven’t seen it recently. I wound up picking up a big bottle at a warehouse club (BJs) along with a Misto sprayer. I recommend it. Anyone else have experience using it?
  4. C2112

    Getting new weber e670

    Congratulations on the grill! It's a beauty. With regard to the issue you raised... I agree with Chris. You can check with a surface thermometer to see if there is a difference. The other option is to call Weber's customer service and see what they have to say. Hopefully, you didn't let that stop you from cooking on it. That's really the best the way to test it. Seriously, hopefully it's nothing and really is getting as hot as the rest of the grill. Good luck with it. Keep the updates/pics coming.
  5. C2112

    Getting new weber e670

    Congratulations on the purchase!
  6. C2112

    Getting new weber e670

    Yes, I am using the stock gauge that came with the grill. Works great for me. I bought a tank with the gauge built in. I found the weber version to be better. Post your experience with the grill (pics too).
  7. C2112

    Getting new weber e670

    Good luck with your purchase. Two tanks is recommended but not a necessity because the gas gauge, I found, is very accurate in telling when you've come close to the bottom of the tank. I will say I have gotten some additional cooking time when it shows the lowest indicator, though, like when your car's fuel gauge light comes on. Try 1 tank initially if storage is an issue.
  8. C2112

    Getting new weber e670

    I would not let the LP stop you from getting the 670. I have the Summit S670. While it uses a fair amount of fuel. I wouldn't say it drinks it. A tank always lasts longer than I expect plus think about how often you will be cooking with all burners on high. Chances are you'll be doing a good amount of cooking using less than all burners on high. Rotisserie works well just 2 burners and the infrared burner for 20 minutes (for a chicken). Sometimes you will only use a few burners on low or medium Definitely get a spare tank, though. Depending on your cooking habits you may get a lot of cooks out of a tank. If you're okay to make the initial spend, I say go for the 670.
  9. I went with an S-670 and had a similar concern. After a year, the grill doesn't seem that big to me. It does use more LP but it doesn't go through it that quickly. If $ is not a concern without question go with the 670 over the 470. Also note that the smoker box takes some away some of the real estate. My one major criticism of the 670 are the wheels which, in my opinion, are not well suited for such a heavy grill. I have a patio with blocks and the wheels often get hung up on them. My Weber Genesis floated on my patio without ever a problem - same wheels, same patio, just too much weight bearing down on them. Besides that, I love the Summit... it is an amazing grill, a lot of great features and excellent performance. I agree with Hood about the versatility of the burners. You'll like the change from the 3 east/west to the 6+ north/south burners. You can easy create heat zones. I can't speak for the Tec, but I believe there was a member (Shelly?) who posted a lot of good things on & about the Tec. It gets super hot and doesn't dry anything out. Good luck with the purchase.