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    I'm a smokaholic. I own many grills/smokers. Trying to cut back but having a hard time. <br />I'm a shriner and ride on a competition motorcycle drill team. <br />Family comes first!
  1. Sink

    Exterior Grill Cleaning

    I have to admit I've only had to dump the grease tray in the bottom of my grill 2 times in 10 years since the cats always have a nice feast once the grill cools down. I don't clean my grill often but when I do, BKF seems to be my go to cleaner. Gently but very affective. Scott mentioned something he used on his ribolator grates the other night. Cascade dishwasher detergent in water. He let them soak overnight and sponged the burnt on cooking laquer off easily. Might be worth a try. I never clean the aluminum areas on my genesis. It's a grill, not a car. The grease coating protects the metal from premature corrosion... ok... it's an excuse to not clean it but hey, it works! BKF on SS is great! The inside of my grill gets scraped down and that's it. SS grates get heated and scrubbed with a ss brush. I have the plastic shelves that look like granite. The side shelves just lift off for cleaning in the sink. I also have the fold up shelves that clean by wiping off with a damp cloth. I use my grill for grilling, not show. I don't take it to grill cruises or shows at the sonic on Friday nights. No concourse events... or closed grill courses! It's a grill. Made for cooking fatty steaks, chicken stathered with bbq sauce and burned onto the grates. A drip here and there gives it character between cleanings! Grillingly yours Sinko Grillo
  2. Sink

    DCS - Made by Fischer Pakel

    SiliSam, Since I didn't see parts for GE or Monogram on The Source, here is a link to what I think is your grill for parts. OK... spill it! How much did you pay? We all love to see that some are getting great deals out there! Just curious, Sink
  3. Sink

    In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Looks like I missed this one.... imagine that! Sink... the guy with no life and is always on The Source missed a post??? We really don't have much around here for hot dog joints. We have Sonic Drive ins which have a pretty good chili cheese coney... We also have a few local hot dog makers that have some great dogs! Fairbury hotdogs are quite good. Probably don't want to read the ingredients here... They sell the stadium dogs at the Cornhusker football games. They are really great! Bright red hot dogs boiled in a roaster and stuffed in a soft bun and jambed into a foil packet. They have hot dog shooters that send them flying up into the stands! What great fun!!!! My daughter works at the football games and sells hot dogs for jobs daughters for charity. She always brings a few home after the game along with a Runza sandwich that is very good. We also have a small Czech community about 25 miles from home. A small town called Wilber. It is the Czech Capitol of Nebraska and they hold the Wilber Czech Festival every year. What a party... ok, back to the hot dogs. They also have a meat market that makes some of the best wieners in the nation. Wilber Wieners are absolutely fantastic!!!!! They are natuarl casing and come in fine or coarse grind along with many different flavors. No real hot dog stands around here but we do have some great mfg's Sink
  4. Sink

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    DAM THE LUCK!!!!
  5. Sink

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    NZDoug, Sorry you are having problems with your new grill. Please send it to "Sink" for repairs. I will return your grill within 10 years so you can use it after I fix it! Just tryin to help out the new guy!!! Helpfully, Sink