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  1. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Ronald, I just have to say, what crazy weather. I do think though, years past must have had some crazy weather too, you just kind of notice it more with age. Kids will just say it is fun. Kid Cuskit, I've said this before, aren't there any kids anymore that want to make a few bucks. This guy I know told me he had 8 senior houses that he snowblows the driveway, makes a path to the oil tank and outdoor shed, shovels off their decks for $20.00 each. He's a nice kid and must be around 26 years old. He said the trouble is a neighbor will see how heavy the work is and he ends up doing theirs. I guess strong backs and weks minds prevails. take care, Kid
  2. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    snow shoveling may help you for your Diet Mikey, I was watching the news this morning and they had a camera in Jersey. They said near the shore you can expect up to another 12 inches if snow Yikes. on the positive side the pictures they showed on the roads down there made it pretty and inviting. We were lucky, in some areas here we had 18 inches of the white stuff but it is raining hard now. Think Spring and Grilling. Kid
  3. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    well, it sure looks good and I really enjoy your pictures. I wish I was in California right now, in my area here we could get another big snowstorm upwards to 18 inches with possible power outages. My Son just returned from San Diego with his family on vacation. lucky guy Kid
  4. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    thanks Shelly, I'm going to try that one more question, what is the topping of your hot dogs in your post. Kid
  5. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Shelly thanks for the info re: potato chips. do you coat the chips? do you turn the chips? My Wife makes oven fried potatoes using 1 tbls. of water and 1 tbls. of oil. puts in slices of potatoes a little thicker in a mixing bowl after that puts than on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes. these taste great for a change of pace for a potatoe dish. Kid
  6. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Shelly, I like the looks of those potato chips, are they local or national brand? they look like something you made yourself. Kid
  7. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    I've seen a lot of Checkers in Florida, they are on every corner. The hamburgers are so slick that when you take a bite of them, they slide right down your throat. I haven't been to one in a few years maybe they changed. Kid
  8. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    What a surprise!! The Pats seem to just gave up after the first quarter. The Ravens looked good and chargered up. It was nice to see the Ravens coach make a hand shaking lap around the field. As I said in my earlier post, we are not happy with Bellichek too. What does baseball start? ha ha good luck next week and I hope the Ravens win. Kid
  9. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    ya, my Wife said one was different than the other, Hebrew had 7 in the package which I thought was unusual. I see in the picture that one is lighter in color. I hope it was okay hee hee, it tasted good. My Wife and I could have had more potatoes though, I cooked only a few. My Wife liked the looks of your sausage sandwich. When the weather gets better, I'll cook some sweet sausage on the BBQ. stay warm, I see it's 27 degrees down there. Kid
  10. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    I hope this comes out okay with the pictures. My Wife and I had both the Hebrew National and Nathan's and you know what, we liked each of them. I found them a little stronger than Kayem's and would definitely eat them again. Kid
  11. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    the game will be interesting. My Brother's Brother-in-law was on the Pat's team for a short while and he arranged to have Steve Grogan come to his place of work and wished him a Happy Birthday. Boy, was my Brother surprised when I went out back to tell him someone was there to see him. I had to share this moment. Kid
  12. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Ronald, I also meant to say good luck on your Ravens against our Pats. I think we may pull it off but you have a couple of dangerous runners with Ray Rice and Willis MaGahee and you never know. some of us up here are not to happy with Belicheck. Kid
  13. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    yes I have and I like both. guess what! it goes to show you that I don't shop too much. My Wife just returned with a package of Nathan's and a package of Hebrew National hot dogs. I never bother to check out the various hot dogs before probably because I just ate Kayems. I'm going to cook one of each for my Wife and I tonight. too much snow outside tonight so I'll cook them in a frying pan along with some fried potatoes,onions and peppers. I'll see about taking a photo when I'm finished cooking. kid
  14. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Ronald it was not me that came from New Jersey it was my Wife. I lived there less than a year when I went back home in Massachusetts. I met my Wife while I went to work in my Uncle's Joe's diner in Manasquan. The diner has since been removed. I will say I do recall cooking the sandwich Taylor Ham at the diner. I did call my brother-in-law and he said they call the TPR that too. being in the back of the kitchen I only took the orders from the waitresses for Taylor Ham. Up here in Ma. I buy Kayem Hot Dogs yummy. have a good day, kid
  15. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    O my goodness!! I just showed my Wife Mikey's hot dog picture and guess what? She liked it! and loved the way the ends of the hot dog looked crisp. O, I forgot my Wife is from New Jersey. I am in the minority or am I? let me hear from other members about Mikey's hot dog presentation. kid