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  1. Just Finished my Build!

    Very nice!!!
  2. Weber 62O NG

    I thought all Weber Summits came with the rotisserie.
  3. Weber Genesis Redesign???

    I think he's a year behind, it was just redesigned last year to make the burners run front to back instead of left to right.
  4. Chattanooga Build

    That bartop is awesome!!
  5. Need information on BK grills

    Well the BK has a 5 year warranty on burner and stainless steel, Weber has 10 years on burner, 25 years on stainless steel shroud and 5 years on all other stainless parts. How long has Onward Mfg been around and will they still have parts for your grill in 10 years, Weber has been around since the 50's and will have parts for your grill if you need them. I will readily admit I have no idea how the BK cooks, but I do know that my Weber has served me well for the past 3 years and I expect it to get at least another 15-20 years out of it. I have had no rusting and the only problem that I have had with my grill was the grill cover was bad and Weber overnighted me a new one after I called.
  6. Just bought anew S670

    I am sure once you fire that 670 up any doubts or regrets you had will go up in flames. I don't have a problem keeping my S450 looking nice, but I do keep it covered.
  7. Presenting my New EP-330

    Butter… All the better, Thanks Rich!!
  8. Presenting my New EP-330

    Tenderloins look delicious!! When you do potatoes like that do you just brush them with a little olive oil and how long do they take? I am always looking for different ways to grill spuds and my wife loves em.
  9. Presenting my New EP-330

    Great pics and write up Rich! Congrats on your new grill!!
  10. weber summit smoker box mod

    Shelly, Are you still able to use the rotisserie with the gasket in place?