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  1. Beer Can Chicken

    Your grill has a flat tire LOL
  2. What is new with Steel Studs?

    How much do you think a house roof, ceiling, insulation and everything else above your head wieghs? Many house walls are made of steel studs and there is hotels and other multi stoys building made with steel studs also. THE SAME ONES YOU CAN GET AT HOME DEPOT. Would you build this out of wood 2x4 and never question this load?
  3. Pellets in a gas grill for smoke

    Dont forget to followup
  4. Pellets in a gas grill for smoke

    After they start smoking try turning the smoker burner off... Maybe they dont need anymore heat after they ignite
  5. Best way to cure a smoker

    I never put water on coals to put out. Just close the vents down and let the fire go out. Next time just shake ashes off and reuse. No need to waste the charcoal. Makes a 20# bag go alot farther