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  1. yooper829

    Weber Redesign for 2017

    Ok the current line of Genesis and Summit grills are being reworked for 2017.....which means 2 things. One is new grills! And two is good deals on existing grills come September when MAP pricing is reduced. I have no details on the redesign right now, just pictures of the new grills. I'll have more information after the Ace hardware show in Chicago which takes place the middle of August. Stay tuned! yoop
  2. yooper829

    EP-330 vs S-330

    Porcelain! My old Summit E-650 was black and I loved it....easy to clean and always looked impressive...until the wind took it off the side of my deck! I replaced it with a S670 and I admit when clean the stainless looks awesome, its just keeping it clean that's the issue. Every grease spot and fingerprint shows...so to me it depends on if your a cooker or a polisher yoop
  3. yooper829

    Convert a 650 into a 670?

    Hello! The cookbox part numbers are indeed different between the 650 and the 670......and Im not sure by the time you modify the box to accept the sear burner, purchase the burner, the manifold, the insulation, the control panel and the knob you would have a chunk of cash tied up! But go to www.weber.com/schematics and punch in your correct year of 650 and 670 if you want to do some comparing and make a list of part numbers to get some pricing. Good luck! yoop
  4. yooper829

    Weber 2015

    hello! Just returned from our fall buying show and nothing really new to report from Weber except we are finally getting the Qs in colors! They have had colored Qs overseas the whole time, but they now are offering them to us as well. That and new covers for 2015. They are more of a woven fabric then a vinyl type cover, and offer a 3 year warranty! I did get one for my Summit and Performer, And I really like the construction. Will be much easier to uncover when it's below freezing temps here in northern Michigan! Some pics attached for your viewing pleasure Yoop
  5. yooper829

    Summit S-450

    Your 2007 Summit has a 10 year warranty on the burners, so I would call Webers customer service line and have them replaced under warranty. The burners are going to come as a set of 4, so not sure about the question on purchasing a 3 pack? Yoop
  6. yooper829

    Time to buy a new (used) grill

    Hello! From what I can see its a Genesis 1000 LX model...probably a late 1990s vintage. Could be a skyline or whatever it was called, but the lid says Platinum in the pictures. An easy way to check is it will have the criss-cross flavorizer bars in it if it's the 1000LX. Most parts will still be available for this grill....but I would check the condition of the flavorizers and grates before you buy as both of those will easily run you a hundred dollar bill, not that it still wouldn't be worth it! here's a schematic right from Weber.com http://help.weber.com/schematics/browse.aspx?model=211701 Yoop
  7. yooper829

    Quick-Connect Confusion

    Sorry for the confusion John...the OP was questioning what size gas line he needed to run to his new natural gas 330 grill. The grill comes shipped with a 10ft factory hose with half the quick disconnect crimped on the hose, and then the other half of the quick disconnect is included to thread onto the natural gas supply. The question was asked if this supply should be 3/8" NPT or 1/2" NPT. The quick disconnect that is shipped with the grill is designed to thread onto 3/8" NPT, but I recommended he run the supply out to the grill in 1/2" pipe for possible expansion to a larger grill down the road ( a Weber Summit natural gas grill requires 1/2" pipe for example). I agree that the OP need not worry about the connection from the supply to the grill as that comes with the grill factory installed. Hope that helps. Yoop
  8. yooper829

    Quick-Connect Confusion

    According to Weber the quick disconnect size on the 330 is 3/8" NPT, however I would run 1/2" black pipe out to your deck or patio. Then install a 1/2" shutoff and bush the other side of the shutoff down to 3/8", use a small 3/8" nipple then thread the quick coupler onto the nipple. The reason for the 1/2" supply is it will give you plenty of volume out to the grill, but also if you ever decide to upgrade your grill to a Summit or other larger grill in the future your supply line will be adequate. Yoop
  9. Hi,

    I have purchased a Weber S670 Natural Gas Grill and realized that I should have bought a Propone Gas Grill. I have contacted Weber and they have no conversion kit, and refusing to extend any help or replacement. I have given up to get anything from those folks. Can you help me to find a way to convert my Weber S670 from Natural Gas to Propane? Thanks a million

  10. yooper829

    Best Weber Spirit 320?

    Not if its a current 2011 model....that one has all stainless except for the FB's..they went back to the porcelain.
  11. yooper829

    Best Weber Spirit 320?

    The Spirit with the black doors is last years model...current SP Spirit grills have an all stainless exterior. BUT...they also have PC Flavorizers...still the ss rod grates though. So the 2011 SP Spirits are kind of a hybrid of features! All about saving money it appears.
  12. yooper829

    Weber Spirit E-210

    Hey Whelan...did you decide against the Weber?? The pic in your member name looks like a Ducane to me, so just curious as to what you ended up going with!
  13. yooper829

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    In regard to your grill not getting above 200 degrees.....give this a read from Webers support on their website: http://www.weber.com/support/faq/faq.aspx?id=1 Its a pretty common problem, especially if you happen to turn on the LP tank too fast!