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  1. vanole

    Busy Week

    Yes it was a chuck roast. I personally thought it came out okay. However my wife and neighbors mowed it down in short order. Used pecan wood for the smoke and even though eventually wrapped the roast in foil the smoke ring was pretty visable and had just enough smoke flavor that when eating it the merlot also came thru. Will do this again one day.
  2. vanole

    Busy Week

    Hood, Know what you mean about your numbers and sweet corn. Kind of miss the stuff myself but am known to splurge now and again. Just bolus more the Dr. will never know.
  3. vanole

    Busy Week

    Been in a ceramic kick here lately. Did two Boston Butts and Baked Beans in the Primo XL for my wife for a party she was attending (read voluntold). Today I got a "Chuckie" chugging along in one of the BGEs. Its almost at 165° internal. Will take it out then and hit it with the Texas crutch with a bit of merlot and onion soup added. Then back into the BGE and will be shooting for a finished internal temp of 205°. Hope you all are having a good weekend.
  4. vanole

    Looking for cover recommendations

    Hood, Here is a link to the place I picked up the cover for the XL BGE in the table. This is not the exact cover my table had the BGE in the center of table. http://www.jjgeorgestore.com/xl-big-green-egg-table-cover-54-wide-x-34-deep-for-jjgeorge-xl-egg-table/
  5. vanole

    Looking for cover recommendations

    Hood, You might take a look at some patio furniture covers to save some money. With that said you might look at something that covers an XL Big Green Egg and Table. Went through this goat rope myself a couple of years ago. I think it was a cover from JJ George that finally fit this oddball size table I built.
  6. vanole

    What's Cooking

    Hood, thats pretty darn nice of you passing along a nice grill to a friend in need. Hats off to you. Agree its a shame its so quiet around here.
  7. vanole

    What's Cooking

    Sounds awesome hood. Only have done one rack of ribs this year so far. Weather here is on the upswing after next day and half of rain. Ribs will make another appearance shortly.
  8. vanole

    What's Cooking

    Smoked a Boston Butt last night will be taking it out of the BGE in an hour or two. Then later today will be grilling a Picanah and Tri-tip for a little neighborhood get together.
  9. vanole

    New Summit in 2018?

    I came across some article in a chicago business report on it. However they want to strong arm me for $5 to read it. However the snippet I could read for free said BDT Capital aquired majority ownership in 2010.
  10. vanole

    New Summit in 2018?

    I agree with "Underthehood and Richs" assesment concerning Weber products. My own opinion is their products were diminished as far back as 2010. I remember 98 or so when I bought my Genesis I looked long and hard at the Summit. Built like a tank, however cost diff between the Summit and Genesis was a bit more than I wanted to spend at that time after factoring in beer consumption. Fast forward to 2010 got the green light to buy a Summit. Before my wife could change her mind I was off to the local Ace Hardware. Walked around the Summit and could not believe how cheaply made it was. Doors did not align on the cart, had hideous red flames on gas nobs etc. Leaned up against the grill and about launched it into the parking lot. Made my mind up that I would just hang onto my Genesis 3000 and continue my grill search and ultimately went in a different direction. I am sure if you bought a Summit you would be happy with it. However there are other options at that price point that make more sense in my opinion which means absolutely nothing.
  11. vanole

    Called An Audible This Morning

    Chris, The PK can easily maintain that temp. I have actually held 225° with it for 6 hours on less than 30 briquettes. Much easier to control temps on this compared to my Kettle. The PK is pretty thick walled cast aluminum grill. It has a slide vent on each end of the lid. The base also has a slide vent on each end. Very easy to dial in temp. After you get the hang of it while grilling its practically flare up free. The only thing in my opinion that the Kettle has over the PK is grate space for grilling. When smoking with either grill grate space differential is not that much. Overall great little cooker, smokes almost as good as my BGE's. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  12. vanole

    Broil King Regal 490 Pro

    Chris, Thats good to hear. With a good clean, routine maintenace and after grilling letting the grill cool with lid open that grill will last you a long time. Its a nice unit.
  13. vanole

    Called An Audible This Morning

    Put them on at 0800 and just took them off 6hrs 55 min. Intial load of kingsford was 20 briquettes. Added 7 more briquettes at noon. Dont think I needed the 7 extra. Maintained 275° entire cook and pulled them at 187 internal.
  14. Planned on doing a load of beef plate ribs this morning on one of my BGE's or Primo. Woke up and changed my mind decided to some of them on my PK grill and the rest tomorrow on the BGE. Guests of honor are resting comfortably at 275° for the past 2 hours. Have 3-4 hrs until finished. Amazed at how this little cast aluminum grill maintains temp with little effort. Pretty good mizer on briquttes also.
  15. vanole

    BGE Stands Behind Warranty

    They were practically giving away St Louis cut spare ribs here in Tidewater this past weekend so I picked up 4 racks. Not much of a spare rib fan but do like babybacks so figured I would give them a go. Have not cooked spare ribs in 10+ years. Have them smoking away while doing yard work.