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  1. Hii everyone

  2. Newbie Question Q3200 or E210

    It depends on what your long term goals are. Whatever you decide, get the older versions of the Webers. The new series of grills from Weber are poorly made. I was able to look at all of them and even the $2K grill was poor. The 210 is a cute little grill, the interchangeable grates are a nice feature. Add a rotisserie, and you are all set. The Q has the advantage of being a portable grill. I take ours everywhere! https://ericvandeven.wordpress.com/category/the-weber-q-200/ Getting back to long term.....Do you plan on cooking for more than 8 people at some time? Do you want to "experiment" with different cooking methods? Here is a comparison of three grills. http://www.homedepot.com/p/compare?errorURL=ProductAttributeErrorView&langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&prodComp_1=203597722&prodComp_2=204671575&prodComp_3=202830392&N=5yc1vZc5t5Z1ls The 210, the Q3200, and the Genesis E-330. The 330 is more money, but, offers a side burner, a sear station, and an extra burner. I have always felt that getting more is probably better than wanting more and not having it! If it were between the 210 and 3200, and the grill was staying in one place, I would pick the 210. If I was going to take it to football games, the beach,etc..., then I would pick the Q3200
  3. Presenting my New EP-330

    Just curious, how is this grill holding up? The fire box on the Ducane 4400 has rusted out again, and is unsafe to use. I don't want to spend more money to have this happen again, so I ordered this grill today.
  4. In search of a tablet

    Since you already have a Samsung phone, why not a tablet? The 8 inch tablet is fast and will automatically download everything you have on your phone. If you want to go bigger, then the 10 inch model is just as good. I got the 8 inch tablet to try out some software and it was too big to use effectively as a camera, but, all of the software worked and the S4 phone I ended up getting has a better camera and is easier to handle. I use the phone for my home inspection reports and do the entire report on the phone.
  5. Old Weber worth rehabbing?

    Keep it...give them a gift certificate! You will probably end up using this one more than your other grill! For daily meals, I use the Q. Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:
  6. New Build in Houston TX

    Things are looking good so far! The only thing I wold suggest, is that you do something with the two gutter downspouts. Having them dump right at the edge of the cement pad, right where the load is, will eventually cause the slab to crack.
  7. Inform Insurance Company

    I'll take boring! I have an 11 month inspection on Monday. I inspected the neighbors house and she referred me to this other lady. I am always baffled as to what lengths some will go to do things wrong. On the first ladys house, the pool was stained and the builder said they would correct it. They filled the pool with chemicals and told the lady she couldn't use the pool for two months! All they had to do was drain it, acid wash it and fill it back up. Why is the middle bedroom not as cool as the rest of the house? -------------------------------> And, someone forgot something..........................
  8. Inform Insurance Company

    See if he gets a tickle from this one....I almost did! We are still trying to figure out what this is: Then, there is this:
  9. Inform Insurance Company

    I've been well. Rehabbing from shoulder surgery and training for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Sometimes, I see things and don't know which category to write it up in..plumbing, electric, structural, or all three!
  10. Inform Insurance Company

    Glad you like them! Unfortunately, I get to see this crap on a daily basis. The deck without the railing was done by the home owner and he asked what I thought about it...
  11. Summit 670?

    I have the Ducane 4400 which is mostly stainless and it will be my last stainless grill! As much as I like it, I expected more from it. I'll have a new review of it in September as it will be 4 years old then. The next grill will probably be the 670 painted.
  12. Inform Insurance Company

    Silly things? (see attached photos as I get to see these "silly things" every day) I think Jim has covered everything already, here and in other threads. To the original poster, contact your insurance company and see what they say. Your premium may go up slightly, but it will be worth it in the end.
  13. Medical Care- Perscriptions

    I am pretty sure your insurance is the same as mine. We get everything approved, and in writing prior to any surgery or stay in the hospital. When I had my ACL reconstruction done, I was sent home with this machine which moved my leg for me. (CPM machine). Apparently, someone forgot to get pre-approval for it and they expected me to pay the 5K! I told them, if you like, you can come to the house and it will be in the front yard waiting for you as "I" never signed for it. I normally do not get that testy right off the bat, but the lady was demanding I pay for it over the phone, while still in bed! I told her she might want to contact the doctor and in the paperwork, there was the requirement that this machine be used. I know, I saw it. Eventually, it got all straightened out, but for some reason, I, as usual, have to do everyone elses job!
  14. Medical Care- Perscriptions

    It has to do with the way the prescription was written. Explain the problem to him and he can write it differently. I too have BCBS and the only issue I am having is that no one seems to be able to fill the prescription for morphine my doc wrote. I am not a big pain medication taker and still have the percocet I was prescribed for my recent surgery. I stockpile the drugs so that when I start therapy I will have them in reserve for the pain!