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  1. Eric V

    Hii everyone

  2. Eric V

    Newbie Question Q3200 or E210

    It depends on what your long term goals are. Whatever you decide, get the older versions of the Webers. The new series of grills from Weber are poorly made. I was able to look at all of them and even the $2K grill was poor. The 210 is a cute little grill, the interchangeable grates are a nice feature. Add a rotisserie, and you are all set. The Q has the advantage of being a portable grill. I take ours everywhere! https://ericvandeven.wordpress.com/category/the-weber-q-200/ Getting back to long term.....Do you plan on cooking for more than 8 people at some time? Do you want to "experiment" with different cooking methods? Here is a comparison of three grills. http://www.homedepot.com/p/compare?errorURL=ProductAttributeErrorView&langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&prodComp_1=203597722&prodComp_2=204671575&prodComp_3=202830392&N=5yc1vZc5t5Z1ls The 210, the Q3200, and the Genesis E-330. The 330 is more money, but, offers a side burner, a sear station, and an extra burner. I have always felt that getting more is probably better than wanting more and not having it! If it were between the 210 and 3200, and the grill was staying in one place, I would pick the 210. If I was going to take it to football games, the beach,etc..., then I would pick the Q3200
  3. Eric V

    Presenting my New EP-330

    Just curious, how is this grill holding up? The fire box on the Ducane 4400 has rusted out again, and is unsafe to use. I don't want to spend more money to have this happen again, so I ordered this grill today.
  4. Eric V

    In search of a tablet

    Since you already have a Samsung phone, why not a tablet? The 8 inch tablet is fast and will automatically download everything you have on your phone. If you want to go bigger, then the 10 inch model is just as good. I got the 8 inch tablet to try out some software and it was too big to use effectively as a camera, but, all of the software worked and the S4 phone I ended up getting has a better camera and is easier to handle. I use the phone for my home inspection reports and do the entire report on the phone.
  5. Eric V

    Portable Grills???

    I would have to say the Weber Q can do everything you want. The 100 would be just for travelling and the occasional cookout. The 200, found here: Erics Q , is one of the most versatile grills around. The 300 is a grill that could be used for anyone that cooks for 2-6 people very easily. I would, and did, get mine used from Craigslist.
  6. Eric V

    Erics Grilling Blog!

    Breakfast on the Q!
  7. Eric V

    Erics Grilling Blog!

    And, finally, a Porterhouse steak
  8. Eric V

    Erics Grilling Blog!

    The latest,chicken breasts on the Q
  9. Eric V

    Erics Grilling Blog!

    Follow this link to my blog for grilling on the Ducane 4400, Smoking on the Masterbilt smoker, as well as the ongoing review process of the Weber Q 200. Ducane 4400 Grilling pics Weber Q
  10. Check out the blog!

  11. Eric V

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    How much "long term good" are you talking about? I am sure most of us do a through cleaning of their grills ever 6-9 months. I know I do because just about every time I cook anything, I spill something on the grill exterior! Pledge works for shining the stainless and it also works for guitars bodies after they are cleaned. A little trick the tech at Guitar Center imparted to me prior to his retirement. His credentials would be he has been setting up guitars for 30+ years and also was a tech for a few somewhat famous rock and roll bands. And as for the cleaning ladies qualifications, don't listen to her...ask the manufacturer! Cleaning woman Clara Clifford says use Pledge
  12. Eric V

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    I use Pledge on the outside after the BKF. A cleaning woman I know uses it on all of her clients stainless steel appliances. I like the Lemony Fresh smell!