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  1. Smoked chicken: to oil or not to oil?

    It's my understanding that oil helps smoke adhere to it
  2. Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    DO NOT even try to remove the bolts inside the fire box. They were never designed to come out. They're only job is as locators not as fasteners. When you remove the manifold the burners slide out from under the bolts (screws) inside the fire box and to the right. They slide in the same way. The bolts that hold in the manifold can and do come out (sometimes not easy) but with patience, love and lots of penetrating oil (my favorite is PBlaster) they will come out. Once they're out find yourself new ones made from stainless steel. Any hardware store will carry them then also go to an auto parts store and get a tube of Never Seize (a small tube will last nearly a lifetime). Coat the threads of the new screws with this prior to reinstalling. If they should break carefully drill them out but DO NOT use a punch or impact the fire box. After the many years and heat cycles the cast aluminum will be VERY brittle and it will shatter like glass (don't ask me how I know this LOL). You'll find some good tips here https://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?69605-From-Drab-to-Fab-Putting-together-a-quot-How-To-quot-Restoration-Guide Here is another very useful video. The guy who made it used instructions and supply list I supplied to him and was able to provide the video http://virtualwebergasgrill.com/2017/05/cleaning-lubricating-weber-gas-grill-valves/#more-2000 Look through these resources and follow the advice in them and you'll have yourself a fine cooking machine
  3. Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    If the photos are the burners on the grill in question.................than yes. But not because of the fuel switchover simply because they're bad. The burners don't care what kind of gas enters them. They just work.
  4. Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    The manifold will include the valves so this will take care of pretty much everything you'll need. I'd ask around here, there is another group that has very active members who will do trades or sales https://tvwbb.com/forum.php You can ask on that group, watch Ebay and Craigslist. Odds are you'll find someone who wants to do a trade, or has one to sell
  5. Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    No far from it. That kit BTW is to convert an LP grill to NG not the other way. Also it does nothing to address the valves themselves. On a Weber to do it you need the whole manifold assembly to make a conversion either way.
  6. Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    First you need to determine which type of valve your grill was built with. Weber supplied their grills with 2 different types. One has distinct low/med/high settings the other is a continuously variable type. If you have the CV type it's easy. Simply swap out the orifices and you're golden (this works either way LP to NG or LP to NG). If you have the 3 preset type (most common) you cannot just do an orifice swap (though you will read in many places ignorant people telling you it works fine. It does not. The internal "control orifices" on that type are different between NG to LP. Now knowing that going from LP to NG is possible BUT the valves themselves need to be modified (not for the faint of heart) easy but requires GREAT care and decent skills. So about the only way to do it PROPERLY is to swap out the manifold for the fuel you want. Good luck on the project.
  7. Major Site Rework

    Not to worry. Seems to be making a little more sense now. I know you worked/are working hard on it. Far be it for me to criticize
  8. Major Site Rework

    All the click lists on the right, I don't know it just feels like unintuitive. Please understand not trying to "kick the shovel" out of anyone's hands it just seems to not lay out right and is very difficult to follow. I'll keep playing around with it maybe I'll get used to the weird (to me anyway) flow of it. It just seemed to make more sense prior to this latest reformat
  9. Major Site Rework

    Sorry this new "rework" is not working IMO. Don't really think there is anything here for me any more thanks to all these "improvements". I appreciate trying to keep it going but the whole site just does not make a lick of sense to me any more
  10. pig roaster conversion to NG

    You need to know what the desired BTU is. Then you can determine the size of the orifices needed to flow that amount of gas. You also need to know the gas pressure at the control assembly to properly size the orifice(s)
  11. I need to buy some grill mats on the Amazon

    That's not grilling and BTW you can accomplish the same thing with aluminum foil but that too is cheating. For those rare times you might want a flat grilling surface i.e. griddle I would highly recommend the Lodge cast iron 2 burner griddle. Very well made and versatile. No way I'd use those plastic mats on my food
  12. New Summit in 2018?

    I came across it looking at some business reports but truly I forgot where I found it. It's not truly B&D per se' but the management company that runs B&D. IIRC it may be Cerberus but I did not dig that deep. Cerberus is a company that comes in and bundles companies for the auction block. Recently 2 big names they handled were Home Depot and Chrysler (just before FIAT took it over)
  13. New Summit in 2018?

    I'd be very mindful of many things in a so called upgrade to the line. The Genesis "upgrade" IMO was more downgrade. Yeah sure you can get lighted knobs, and 6 burner models. But mind that Weber was bought out by Black & Decker who will notoriously cheapen and degrade everything they touch. Witness Stanley and Snap On companies and so on. They'll be shifting everything to China as they have with the Genesis line. I'll bet $$$$ to donuts you will soon see a very similar B&D grill being produced at a much lower price point but nearly identical to product(s) with a Weber name plate
  14. 730-0164 - can i replace the grill "box" ?

    Just like Weber too. They left me high and dry with a failed cook box on my Summit even though it was under warranty.
  15. Convert JA-580 from NG to Propane

    I'd get the orifices and be done with it CORRECTLY.