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  1. underthehood

    Adhere thin brick to Hardibacker

    Don't think I could help you. Not skilled at those trades
  2. underthehood

    Busy Week

    Yep had a great weekend. The first of our local sweet corn is now coming in and I have been roasting it in the husks the last 3 days. Not sure how badly this is going to hit my Glucose numbers LOL but it's about the only "sin" I allow myself
  3. underthehood

    Looking for cover recommendations

    Thanks I'm gonna have a look. Just made a nice trade last night with a friend I have from another forum (TVWBB). He picked up a pretty nice Q320 but really wanted a Q2XX for it's portability. I have been looking for a reasonable Q3xx so I casually said "hey let's trade" sure enough a nice drive to Madison WI and I have a nice Q320 and he has a nice Q220 red head
  4. underthehood

    Looking for cover recommendations

    Maybe I'll have a look at that. I don't need it to go very long just to cover the grill head down to about 24" or so is all. Just to keep water from collecting in the grease pan. Because as many grills of this type it uses a wide flat shallow drawer under the fire box for grease collection
  5. So as some regulars know I have this Wolf grill. It's a giant 6 burner. Where I am having an issue is this. I would like to get a cover for it. However, while the width of the grill is not hard to accommodate (42" with side shelf down) the depth is hard to accommodate (32"). Every cover I look at is only for 24" deep. So WTF? Doesn't ANYONE make a cover for a truly large grill? I am sure Wolf is not the only brand that makes a grill with large dimensions like this.
  6. underthehood

    What's Cooking

    Talk about bad weather our temps have been colder than we saw in Dec, Jan and Feb. For the first 3 weeks of April we got snow at least twice a week plus ice accumulation. We've simply extended January. Funny when temps got to 40 it felt so nice and warm. So yeah I've been cooking on my garage "herd". Last fall I picked up a Genesis Silver B in great shape for $20! It's a NG but I threw in some different orifices and have it in the garage on LP alongside my Q220. These along with my Lodge 2 burner cast iron grill for my stove top have been pressed into service. We've had a very hard and loooong winter here. So the deck grills have remained under cover until just this week! I currently have RCPlanebuyer designing some new heavy stainless cook grates for my Wolf grill, and thanks to issues with my Summit this year it's going to go away. Though I will confiscate those nice stainless steel grates from it for my Genesis and I will sell it with the cast iron grates off the Silver B. I also just rehabbed a sweet little Genesis Silver A and gifted it to a good friend of mine from my small group bible study from church. He was having some minor financial issues and asked could he buy a grill from me. So I surprised him and his wife with that gift plus a full tank of LP. They love it Sure wish we saw more participation here Keep grillin!
  7. underthehood

    What's Cooking

    Did a wonderful slab of spares on my Summit yesterday. Low and slow with some nice oak smoke on them. Beautiful smoke ring, tender sweet and juicy no sauce required
  8. underthehood

    Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    Oh yeah you guys are getting nailed pretty bad out east. Funny Alaska is almost "tropical" and here it's supposed to be spring. Go figure. I think it was 2 weeks ago I was sitting on pins and needles. We had something like 8 or 9" rain in a matter of hours. Yard looked like a small lake, culverts running so hard it sounded like rapids on a river. Last night a blast of snow and cold again. Ugh. I want to get my boat up to the main garage and get it ready for some spring fishing. Yard too muddy though
  9. underthehood

    Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    I bought 2 grills recently. Got a Genesis Silver B (I think) Natural Gas in darn near mint condition for $25 and just yesterday I bought a Genesis Silver A (2 burner LP) in good to decent shape for $35 which I am going to refurbish and gift to a friend. Otherwise around here it's been a horrid winter for grilling. November though the early part of December we had wonderful weather and thought we were going to have another no snow mild winter........................................WRONG! All hell broke loose just before Christmas and it's been bad since. Used my Summit for only like the 4th time all winter a couple days ago. Otherwise I have been "grilling" indoors on my Lodge Cast Iron dual burner size grill/griddle. Or I have been subbing my little Q220 here and there but with things being so cold, icy and snowy all year even then not too much because I didn't want to put a car out to use the grill in the garage. Things starting to get a little better but weather reports indicating we'll be back to January weather all week (bitter cold, ice and snow) sooooooooooooooo SICK of this weather.
  10. underthehood

    New Summit in 2018?

    Even if it's not Black & Decker perhaps we can agree that the new management company is making decidedly bad moves. IMO taking almost all manufacturing to China IMO this indicates the management has "sold out" and is simply banking on the "name" to make profits. IMO the products began severely dropping in quality over the last 7 years or so. They are simply taking the company down the same path that all the other quality name brands we had have gone i.e. DuCane, Charmglow, CharBroil and so on just to name a few.
  11. underthehood

    New Summit in 2018?

    Sorry you seem kinda pi$$ed. If I made a mistake sorry. Just don't wanna go down the argument road. Have a great day. If I am wrong than Mea Culpa.
  12. underthehood

    New Summit in 2018?

    It's the same controlling company according to business reports I have read. I simply used B&D as meaning all in the same bed so to speak. Now if this company is not the same as the one controlling Black & Decker THEN I stand corrected. But from my readings and understanding BDT Capitol is the same one that controls B&D.
  13. underthehood

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    Honestly there is hot and there is HOT. There really is no need for 700. In a grill all that heat is coming from underneath and if you try to sear say a steak at that you get instant inferno. Even on my old Summit 450 the temp gauge never really gets higher than 450 to 475 or so and I can get my steaks good and crusty with a rare interior.
  14. underthehood

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    My understanding is that some of those models have enough "ventilation" that they do not get over 500. If it has a built in regulator then it most definitely is a NG grill. For your safety LEAVE THE REGULATOR ALONE btw. I cannot stress that enough. From what I have read on some old forums those grills will burn through or melt down if you try to modify them hotter. Also the thermometer itself may be faulty. Bottom line I think your grill is operating as designed
  15. underthehood

    New member, greeting from Alabama

    Hi back