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  1. This forum has gone under

  2. This forum has gone under

  3. Good job with your modification! First off, you don't need a USA manufactured grill to know what you are doing with grilling. It sounds like you are doing just fine and about to start doing a lot better with a great option like a searing burner installed.
  4. What kind of grill did you modify? Can you post some pictures? Where did you get the IR burner and how much? Interesting!
  5. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    This thread caught my interest and having grown up in NJ, I can recall having dogs in several memorable places; Dickie Dee's in North Ward, Newark...I went to high school for two years there and this place was across from the Public Service bus stop. Italian hot dogs fried with peppers and potatoes on pizza bread. An aquired taste! Rutt's Hut-Clifton NJ-Another version of the deep fried dog. These are really good. Eagan'-Belville Pike, North Arlington. Probably closed now. The Windmill-Long Branch. When I went to Monmouth is was a college not a university and the Long Branch Windmill was their only location. Mike, I remember a Stewart's Root Beer somewhere on Rte.33 towards Freehold. Is that the one in your picture? Just thought I would stoke the flame of this thread!
  6. buying a new grill

    "Weber The Light The Truth The Way.....to Grill" A true challenge for a rational person to decide which is a less credible statement.
  7. buying a new grill

    I like looking around. I found this one. I checked it out too. It seems pretty good for the price. Yoursure get a lot of features for the money.y http://www.walmart.com/ip/H10-5-BRNR-GAS-GRILL/13056695 This one looks pretty solid too but with less features: http://www.walmart.com/ip/4-Burner-LP-Gas-Grill/12441328 You don't have to buy a Weber to get a good grill. There are plenty of other decent grills out there for a lot less money. Also, ordering a grill online is perfectly acceptable option. The smaller local shops are simply too overpriced and have limited selections. Good luck with your search.