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  1. New Summit in 2018?

    I definitely agree on that. I had the previous two Gennies but would never buy the latest version. Aside from the fact that I don't need or want a new grill, if I do get another, it will not be a Weber. I suspect that Customer Support will be (has been?) the next casualty. '
  2. Costco Prime Brisket

    Truly. We've had other membership stores in the area, but Costco is superior (IMO) and there appears to be a significant quality improvement in general. Others may likely not agree, but I especially find Costco a great source for meat/poultry/seafood with prices comparable to inferior quality from Walmart, etc. I also noticed that Costco is a source for bacon fixin's -- pork belly. Both full slabs and 2" cross-cut strips. I think there are lots of grillers and smokers in this area and this local Costco is expanding their options to meet the interest. At my wife's urging, I got some prepared garlic bbq raw wings which turned out to be really good (and met her alpha-gal limitations) for just $1 more per pound than their "party wings" (cut, no tips). And the party wing price again beats Walmart and everyone else in the area. Sorry, hood. You got me going.
  3. Costco Prime Brisket

    Anyone had any recent experience with these Costco Prime briskets? After seeing posts in a variety of forums about Costco brisket, I always hoped we would get a local Costco so I could try one. Meanwhile, I either ordered a brisket from a local butcher (costly) or got one from Walmart -- some had no grade, some said Select. I guess I'm up to at least 15 - 20 full packer briskets smoked on my WSM ranging from 11 to 17 pounds. Based on what I learned here and at TWVB, packers are all I've done except the two corned beef brisket flats that I also tried (not the same thing at all). Well, we finally got a nearby (relatively speaking) Costco a year or so back -- but sadly they only have stocked brisket flats. So I've stuck with my Walmart packers. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a nice packer brisket at Walmart only to have to leave it because the store internet was down and I wasn't carrying cash. The next day we made a visit to Costco and they finally had a selection of packers!! And they are labelled "Prime". And they were the same cost per pound as the Walmart packer! (Can you tell I'm delighted!?) I hated to do it, but I had to freeze that Costco packer (there was no way I was not going to buy one even though I knew I couldn't cook it right away). I'm hoping Costco will keep them in stock so next time I can try it without a freezer involved. I'll get to this one soon and post here. From what I've read, these briskets are true Prime beef -- meaning well-marbled. So well that some complain about too much fat. All reports I've ever seen from those who smoke these all said that the meat was great. I have no doubt of my ability to smoke quality brisket. Too many relatives from Texas have confirmed that. Not always perfect, but never a loser yet. The last two, I've begun using pink butcher paper per Aaron Franklin which I'm really coming to love. I see some questioning that with the Prime packers -- guess I'll find out. So nothing is going to deter me from using the Costco packers or smoking the way I like, but I am interested in the recent experiences and thoughts of others and not just posts from years back.
  4. New Summit in 2018?

    Yeah, I do keep my grill clean -- but I also am pretty cavalier about cooking fatty food (even bacon) and generally use quite a bit of olive oil. So my grates don't stick but I do have the occasional flare up. The original heat plates (deflectors) are rather rough after 5 years of this, but don't seem to be real close to burning through. I'm mainly ordering now so that I have all the parts I expect to need for the next (at least) 5 years. The rcplanebuyer flametamers are already on the way after he confirmed my selection. For the deflectors, there are basically 3 sets of SS plates -- Weber, Edgemaster and GASPRO that I'd like to get some feedback on if I can. All are $22-25 on Amazon. (A fourth at eBay doesn't attract me despite a lower price.). The Weber are commonly on Amazon reviewed as "flimsy". The others have never been reviewed and there is nothing much available with a general Google search. I'll soon order one of these anyway and will provide a review.
  5. New Summit in 2018?

    Yes, I agree. My original flametamers in the EP-330 actually were stainless -- they lasted 5 years of year-round, multiple cooks weekly use. The parts I'm getting are those from rcplanebuyer on eBay -- highly recommended in every forum I've seen. For my 2011 series EP-330, the part is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Weber-Stainless-Steel-Flavorizer-Bars-62784-7620-/142235364224? I sent rcplanebuyer a note to confirm the part as he does list the length at that location. I'll update here when he does. Since I have some attention, I'll ask this also. While these "flavorizor bars" were SS, the original heat deflectors (plates under the burners in these 2011 models) were porcelain. Mine are still ok, but I want to replace them also. (I was surprised that the ss flametamers have developed pinholes while the heat deflectors which get more grease/burned food etc. are still intact -- badly "worn", but intact.) Any specific recommendations (other than Weber originals) or warnings? I also asked rcplanebuyer about this, but he doesn't list them.
  6. New Summit in 2018?

    Well, my contact with this thread appears to have been lost with the site change, but I just found it again. Thanks for the opinions/comments. It's actually sad to know. OTOH, frankly I'm not likely to ever need a new grill, My flametamers are near needing replacement, but all else on my Genesis is doing just fine. With the reduced amount of grilling, the Genny, my wife's Q and the WSM, I have all I need though I get quite frustrated with the Q-1200 and its single loop burner. Even after adding the second level grate it tends to get too hot. If I can find a good replacement, you never know.
  7. New Summit in 2018?

    I didn't know about B&D buying Weber, but I completely agree with your assessment, hood. I've looked closely at the "upgraded" new Genesis and see nothing at all to tempt me to switch out my Genny. The new models are cheap all around and I don't see the design improvements the Genesis got in 2012 that led me to switch out my two-year-old three burner. I've always been happy with that upgrade and think any Summit "upgrade" would NOT be advisable. Frankly turtle, given the B&D purchase, I would be more inclined to find me a "traditional" Summit and secure it while possible. Haste may be a good thing -- my attempt to look at a 670 at Lowe's returned a "no longer available at Lowe's". I could be tempted with a sale price, but frankly my upgraded Genesis with side cabinets, double tier grill and rotisserie has been so good over these years, that even a 670 almost seems a downgrade!
  8. Pork Belly

    And all the dogs in the neighborhood are mourning...
  9. Pork Belly

    I agree with you on that. Actually, living in NC and just a few miles from one of the acknowleded best bbq places in the state, it's now a tossup whether to even smoke Boston Butt or go to Allen & Sons and pick up a finished pound for $8. Could be worse Don. I used to brew beer -- 15 gallons at a time. My job became more intensive and instead of brewing regularly, I could only occasionally find time. Before I quit, I had poured 4 complete batches down the hillside because of DIFFERENT mistakes I made which produced pure swill. Just can't stay consistent when you only do it for a snatched day now and then... Not exactly the same situation, but I do know how you feel about throwing your results in the trash. But I will wait to see if someone else has some good ideas. At least SOMETHING good came of this... <wince -- too soon?>
  10. Pork Belly

    ouch! Maybe some just like the fat? Do you think more time on the first pass? I would think it would start getting pretty chewy, though.
  11. Pork Belly

    Looking forward to it, Don.
  12. Pork Belly

    Nice! Thanks for the explanation. Hope you can give us some pics -- sounds very interesting. I bet you need a bid drip pan!
  13. The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    What a frickin' image, hood!
  14. Pork Belly

    Pardon MY ignorance, but are you making bacon or pork belly? I've done bacon a couple of times with pretty fair success but still feel I can do better. I asked my question because you didn't mention curing.
  15. The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    Yeah! For me, bbq with rice and gravy means grilled shrimp, ham, chicken and andouille with a custom cajun sauce -- otherwise known as Jambalaya!