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  1. that1guy

    The end of Weber?

    I like the broil king line. They sell it at a few stores locally. I'm probably just going to pull the trigger on a pellet grill now.
  2. that1guy

    The end of Weber?

    I was thinking about waiting to get a new grill but maybe it would be better to get the current line. Pretty soon a good gas grill will be out of most people's price range. Hopefully Im worried for no reason and they will lower the price too.
  3. that1guy

    The end of Weber?

    So a friend of mine knows a guys that buys grills for a big company. He said weber sold out to a investment firm and we saw the new line of grills today. He said the quality is gone. He said they are even going to open bottom cabinets. I think he said they are going to kill the genesis line and replace it with cheaper grills. But looks like the summit line won't be changed until next year. I hope he is wrong but has anybody else heard about this?
  4. that1guy

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    They have the PDF manual on-line now. http://www.namathproducts.com/skin/frontend/enterprise/namathproductsjon/pdf/Namath-Rapid-Cooker-Manual.pdf I think I might pick one up.
  5. that1guy

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    So a buddy at work just bought one of these grills and he really likes it. Got the grill, cart, and covers. He's only had it a couple weeks so will see how it does.
  6. that1guy

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    Here is a sell sheet http://www.edenpureopportunity.com/media/downloadable/files/links/n/a/namathrapidcooker_sellsheet_bs6651r-1.pdf I emailed service about a manual. Will see if they send me a email back.
  7. that1guy

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    They have a FB page. https://www.facebook.com/NamathProducts
  8. that1guy

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    Not really sure how Joe Namath got his name on it but it looks good lol
  9. I was watching a new tools show and saw this. Looks interesting for steaks. http://www.namathproducts.com/namath-cookware-products/namath-rapidcooker