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  1. 730-0164 - can i replace the grill "box" ?

    It was just tack welded at the four corners, but those connections have come undone also. I'm wondering if I can just get a piece of stainless steel from a machine shop and just put it in the bottom of the box? I just got the other warranty parts so maybe I'll give customer service a call and ask them about this also.
  2. My 12 year old 730-0164 is in pretty bad shape. The outside of the grill is flawless and I just replaced all burners, flame tamers, and cooking grids with warranty parts. However, the inside of the grill is falling apart. In fact, the bottom of the grill or fire "box" (I don't know the proper name) has a hole about the size of a softball in it. Is it possible to replace that part? There are other parts that are falling apart (top rack holder, igniter guards, etc.) but I can do without those if I can fix the main part of the grill. If not, then I guess I'm in the market for a new grill. Here's what the inside looks like: https://goo.gl/photos/fdJ6orVkWCS96WGp6
  3. No gas in one burner

    I've got a 730-0164 that has four burners. The far right burner has quit completely. When I open the gas knob, nothing comes through at all. What part(s) should I be looking to fix?
  4. Flaming out of control

    Well, I'm north of Atlanta so we have high humidity and a good bit of rain. I almost feel like going to a fab shop and getting them to get some thick steel tubes and drilling holes in them. I just want something that I know is of good quality.
  5. Flaming out of control

    Did you order tube burners? Looking at those parts I believe I have the cast iron burners that are sort of a house shape. Can I simply replace those with some stainless tubes? Have you gotten yours yet? I'm curious to the thickness/quality of the stainless steel. And your flame tamers are bad ass. If they don't work in your grill, at least you know where to hide should the apocalypse start.
  6. Flaming out of control

    Got around to inspecting and cleaning the grill today. The burners don't look bad from the outside, but they are rusted and corroding on the inside. They had small pieces of rusted metal falling out of them when I shook them. Also, are they supposed to have a large hole on the far end of them? I believe that used to be solid, but it is now a hole where it looks like the gas may just run straight through the burner. The flame tamers are really bad as well. They are cracking and breaking apart. I have sent Nexgrill an inquiry about getting some replacement parts, but I think I'd rather get some good, generic parts if I can find some that fit. Does anyone know if I can buy some generic stainless tube burners and tamers and use them instead? I bought this grill because of the reputation of the quality and it is not living up to that.
  7. Flaming out of control

    I thought about that as soon as I posted the topic yesterday. I'm pretty certain it's not spiders. We grill a couple times every week, so there's not enough time for spiders to get in there. I thought spiders was a term that described a way debris as stuck in the burners. I haven't had a chance to inspect the burners closely. However, if it's not raining tomorrow I plan to get out there and look at them.
  8. Flaming out of control

    It's a Jenn-Air. I haven't deep cleaned it in a while, maybe a year or so. What do you mean by spiders in the burners? Also, the burners were replaced about 2 or 3 years ago with replacements sent from Nexgrill ( I believe).
  9. Flaming out of control

    HELP!!! I really need some help with my grill. I've got a natural gas, 4 burner (don't know the model number) that's about 7 years old. No matter how low I turn the gas, it flames up like crazy when cooking anything. Even with the gas as low as it will go, I have flames coming up through the grates. In fact tonight, I put 9 burgers on and came away with three that were edible. The other six were charred bricks. At one time when I opened the grill to check on them, about a three to four foot flame leapt out of the grill. I didn't know if I was going to be able to move the burgers because the flames were so high. I'm just sick of this thing ruining everything I try to cook. Anybody got any suggestions on what I should check or do to alleviate this issue?