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  1. michelliot

    Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    "Long time passing".........
  2. michelliot

    Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    I believe today is going to turn things around. At least here in the city. and it's, "Where HAVE all the posters gone?" but you knew that.
  3. hi rich, Naturally it could drop off the edge but half the grill can be used at a time with this procedure. Did you try to flip one over the other? Just offset it by one vertical rail.
  4. Hey guys, just an added note, If you ever need to cook anything smaller than you would trust on Genny's standard SS grating, Flip one of the grates over and lay it on top of the other. They fit perfectly and nothing will slip through. I's been a while, hope all is well, elliot
  5. michelliot

    Weber Spirit E-210

    Hey Mikey, I'm reading this thread and I'm amazed how all of the old timers came out to just respond to the original question. Then I saw your response to realize that it's as old as it is. Oh well, Hope all is well with you and the other guys. Big Apple BBQ coming up with a raised $10 per plate. Still think I'll attend. Speak to yaw'll, elliot
  6. michelliot

    Very Imperessed

    Firefly, You're just becoming more skilled at what you do. And don't tell anybody differently! elliot
  7. michelliot

    Converting Charcoal BBQ to Natural Gas

    Interesting, I kind of did the opposite. I found small kettle BBQ that fits inside my gas grill. I think it's 14 inches diameter which is about half of my gennie which is fine for indirect cooking.. Now I can combine the real charcoal taste and regulate the temperture if needed. So far working out pretty well. Good luck on the conversion, elliot
  8. michelliot

    New weber bbq? Need advice...

    You made the correct decision Joe. Love my Jennie and wouldn[t part with it for any other. Fits my bill perfectly.
  9. michelliot

    New weber bbq? Need advice...

    Wonderful Hood, If they can't honor the part they should replace the Summit since they're stilll manufacturing the line. There goes my respect.
  10. michelliot

    New weber bbq? Need advice...

    Read the warranties on the Weber grills. You'd be suprised how long some of the weber parts are covered for should an issue arise.
  11. michelliot

    bbq 101 questions

    Best of luck with your new aquisition. Tons of information from the inmates on this website and a few on youtube as well if you want to sit back and listen. There's even a weber page on Facebook with plenty of photos to drool upon. One thing. Try to restrain from peeking. Later, if you get into slow cooking, every peek can add 10 minutes to your cooking time which can throw off an evening's best plans. Again enjoy the grill, it WILL serve you well, elliot
  12. michelliot

    charmglow cc1 help

    i had a charmglow grill which lasted me at least 30 years. Great to see you're restoring yours. In some respects I miss my old one. The one I owned was similar to the one pictured below, but It seems to be from the same time frame. When I was replacing parts later on, I believe MHP was my source as well. Enjoy the fruit/BBQ of your labor. Elliot Regarding paint: I know I've seen the expression before: "GRILLS, Once you go black, you never go back." ....unless something was misspelled. (NOI) I imagine the silver would be harder to keep clean. Decisions, decisions.
  13. michelliot

    Happy New Year!

    And to all my fellow inmates hanging around these forum pages.....a happy, healthy and prosperous one. elliot
  14. michelliot

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey Guys, Hope yours were enjoyable as well. I actually drove to Syracuse and back on the weekend without traffic. EVEN ON THE CROSS BRONX!!! Doesn't get much better than that. Enjoy, elliot
  15. michelliot

    Genesis Cover Suggestions

    Hey steakout, I don't think there's a stress factor involved here. When I need to order another one i'll go back to medium as well. Enjoy, elliot