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  1. Presenting my New EP-330

    I give you an "A" on your report...enjoyed it very much.
  2. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    Okay, this is the way to go Jim
  3. Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    To be able to really tell if there's a difference you'll need a CO meter to measure the combustion gases in PPM (parts per million).
  4. Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Better to have a little too much air than not enough air unless you like sooted food. One thing you'll notice is when there is too much air entering the burner, the flame will lift off the burner, not good.
  5. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    After last night, bacon is the taste I swear by not at.
  6. First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    I play around with my porcelain cooking surface on my charcoal grill by oiling the cooking surfaces each time, and then running it through the dishwasher the following day after the grill cools off. The grates come out squeaky clean every time. I use grill Pam before each use...I'm trying the pork fat method next time. Life is too short to miss out on all this fun!
  7. It must be fun hanging out at your house in the summer? I especially like the refractory brick job, real cool!