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  1. Exterior Grill Cleaning

    I found a can of Fuller (as in Fuller Brush) Stainless Steel Cleaner and tried it out on the SS surfaces of my grill. It worked very well. It leaves a nice even sheen...much better than WD-40 but cost a bit more. My wife informed me that I had to buy my own if I planned to use it up as we only get it when we travel to their outlet locations as this is her favorite cleaner for the SS appliances in the kitchen. It also took care of some scuffs on the painted sides of the lid. Fuller Stainless Cleaner
  2. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    One version of the Hot Dog that is missing in this discussion is the Southern Hotdog. For those of you died in the wool gormet weiner people I'm sorry to tell you that the weiner is not the whole experience. I've had all the great weiners mentioned above and I agree they are very good. The snap, spice, quality of the meat, etc is there without argument. If you're eating a weiner/bun/relish/mustard sandwich you need the weiner to carry the weight. When I think Hotdog, a whole different thing comes to mind however. My vison of a Hotdog is a Southern style hotdog "All the Way". The weiner is only part of this sandwich and is not an overpowering part. This typically has a cheap, hot pink colored Pork weiner from a grill or vat on a steamed bun with a good amount of chili, finely chopped onion, slaw and mustard. The Chili is an all meat, finely ground, chili powder based sauce. No beans. Recipies go back generations and are not shared. The slaw can be be mayo or vinegar dressed and can have small amounts of chopped tomato and pimento included. The cabbage can be coarse, fine or in the case of RO's in Gastonia, NC it can be almost pureed. The best southern Hotdog places have been in business since the 1920's and are too numerous to list. There is at least one in every town. My favorites in North/South Carolina were all founded by Greek immigrants and still run by their grandchildren. Go there at lunch and meet the Mayor, Chief of Police, a few felons, a few preachers and the town drunk.