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  1. Weber Performer or Genesis EP-330

    After using gas for many year I was converted to charcoal a couple years ago. Personally I like the way the food taste better from charcoal. Even still you wont be disappointed with a gennie. THere very nice grills.
  2. Need information on BK grills

    I have know idea where they build or manufacture the parts at but OMC is a Canadian company. Would not be surprised if some or all was built in Canada. FYI - We bake bread (on the grill) and grill pizza all the time here. :D
  3. Need information on BK grills

    I have dealt with OMC (Onward Manufacturing) since they have bought the big steel keg line. They seem like a good company. There warranties and parts supply has been good. Like Jeff mentioned they have been around awhile. I cant offer any info on their gas grills though.
  4. Presenting my New EP-330

    Nice post Rich. It's so clean and pretty looking. Now put that tank back inside. You ruined the nice smooth look! :D Have fun cooking and comparing it.
  5. Mikey - Maybe you just pull them burner tubes out and load it with lump. :rolleyes:
  6. Jim - Temp at the coals is going to be well over 1000. My hood gage only goes to 800 and my IR gun only goes to 950. It probably just depends on how close you can get the grate to the coals. Some guys use smaller grate that fit farther into the firebowl to get about an inch from the coals for a good sear. I dont think thats needed as I get nice results from the standard grate. Plus I like to let the heavy cast iron grate get some heat in it too so I get some pretty grill marks. Mikey - Here's the reply from the keg guy about his IR comment. Sounds like nothing more than flavor. "It is a Thermal Engineering Corp (TEC) infrared that I have measures to 1350* the max on my temp gun I just like the wood flavor the keg imparts" MAPP torch works great for lump but Im not sure it would be the ticket for briqs. I dont use them so Im not sure I know what Im talking about but I have heard you dont want to cook over briq until they white over? Lump you can toss food on right away. Jim - Alot of propane torches wont work upside down so thats why the MAPP. I have the shorty bottle and Im still on the same one I bought early last summer. And that with using it 3-4 times a week. Of course its only on for 15 seconds. No way I would mess with starter cubes after using the torch. Plus I can light it in as many spots as I need if m in a hurry.
  7. I remember Jims post about the cookie sheet now. It was said as a joke. Mikey - Gas is faster I will admit. But I'm surprised at how little the difference actually is. If I use fresh lump (not leftover from the last cook) and I light the pile in 3-4 spots with my MAPP torch it will be roaring hot really fast. I'd say from lighting to 700 hood temp maybe 15 minutes. The biggest difference from me is the prep time to light the fire. Its about 10 seconds for me to turn on the gas and press the button to light. With coal I have to clean out the ash, stir the old lump, and add fresh lump. Maybe 5-8 minutes. I will ask him why he preferred the coal to his high dollar IR.
  8. I dont see a cookie sheet being like IR burner. It would just be a heat deflector for indirect cooking. Kind of the same as what a flamer tamer is doing. Its just a shield to keep grease out of the burners. It act as a mini deflector since your never really technically cooking over direct heat in a gas grill. I have no IR burner and know very little about them so keep that in mind... One of the guys on the keg forum has a $1600 steak searing burner (I assume its IR) that he doesn't use because he like the sear he gets from charcoal in the keg.
  9. Nice work Mikey. Those should work nicely.
  10. Winter Griller's?

    All the time. No choice here in WI.
  11. Turkey on the Rotisserie?

    Is a brine just for poultry? I don't ever hear about people brining briskets.
  12. Does anyone here have the XL BGE?

    If money is not a issue the primo is probably the way to go. I can see how the oval shape would be handy. But $2000 is a lot for a grill. You could get 3 kegs for that price. Yes they are misers on lump. You will be surprised at how little they use. Everyone I have talked to about the Primo has been happy with there's.
  13. adding a rotissarie

    Got ya. Original post just kind of made it sound like you thought you had to have it to roto. Why not just skip the drip pan and use the burner under the roto? Wouldn't that have the same effect other than the IR burner is probably hotter? Can you tell I don't have a IR burner...
  14. adding a rotissarie

    You do know that you don't need the IR burner right? Putting the drip pan under the roto and cooking with the other burners will work just fine.
  15. Dave - Just wondering why you recommend briq's over lump. I only see pluses for lump and no negatives. I see some down sides to briq's. I don't get the convection effect your talking about above. Convection is based on the type of cooker not the fuel. If you cook in a open pit then there's no convection effect. Am I misunderstanding?