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    First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    Here's the season in: I waited a bit and much of the smoke is gone...but it was great for a while....thanks guys DH is feeling like he's already on a great road to grilling!!!
  2. NoviceinD

    First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    Okay - so my hubby got his new grill and has been reading this thread -thank you all! But now he has a question (I probably need to see about changing my username so we have one account LOL!) So his question -on the initial burn off - is the grill open or closed? It seems as if it should be closed to reach temperature, but then in the same way you burn off the BBQ sauce and bacon, so that the grill itself gets flavor-if the lid is closed isn't the grease you are burning off also flavoring the grill?
  3. NoviceinD

    First Use / Seasoning the grates...

    Got it! Thanks!! That makes sense. I'm going to print this out and give it to the hubby. So there is nothing else to do to the grates themselves like you would season a cast iron pot?
  4. Well I just purchased out Weber Genesis 310 with the cast iron/porcelain grates. I found this on the sticky above But honestly I'm not sure I understand.. the bacon needs to be in a skillet on the grill?? And to burn it off - do I do that on high? The BBQ sauce in the skillet seems really odd to me And I need to do the frozen bacon every time I grill or just the one time? So can you reassure me that this is really what I need to do. Sorry -I feel dense on this one.