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  1. Weber Performer or Genesis EP-330

    Yes, I have been using NG for most of my life, and got a kettle last year on sale. Wasn't in a big hurry to use it, but fired it up last week. Wow. So simple and so awesome...
  2. Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    OK, well Ill answer what I can... I removed the side burner from above, if that makes sense, and looking down, there was the orifice. Same as in the main burners, just used a nut driver to get to it. Drilled it out as per the chart. I over drilled the IR burner in the rear, as I didnt do enough research to get the BTU of it first. Now I am going to try a few things to fix this, including a new orifice If I had known the BTU it would have come out just fine. Not sure on how my flames should look, and looking to get some feedback from others.. Cooks good, pinns my surface thermometer over 700 degrees, so I guess its working good.
  3. Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    So, I did this mod to my 0061 Jenn-Air, and its great. I have 8" wc (1/3psi) here so I went to like 48 or 49 size on the burner orifice. Just got done about 20 min ago and converted my BBQ Grillware smoker at the same time. Now I can run everything, at once, and never worry about running out of fuel. My question is, how do I do this to the side burner and rotisserie burner? I dont know where the orifice is and rather then tear everything apart, I thought I would ask first. Thanks