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  1. if I just lived closer... http://www.searsoutlet.com/d/inventory_details.jsp?cid=2804&pid=12749&mode=buyNewOnly&to=cart&pn=2&ps=10&disp=sel&ffmChannelDelModeInApp=SPU&deals=No&itemSelectionType=&&zip=31029&
  2. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

    Well mostly back together and first dinner cooked on it... did up 8 burgers to season it up. Some final observations, I still feel the build quality is less than my 2003 Silver B, Once I got the lid well cleaned it was obvious that it was rusting along the edge in a few spots. Not the end of the world but will need to be replaced down the road for sure. If you have a 2005 Silver C and need to replace the igniter assembly, it's $22 from weber and they are the only ones that carry it, however the plunger most likely works so just buy a standard one for $11 at home depot and use the cable, element and cage with your plunger. Grates are getting darn expensive. I use SS Weber on my old Silver B and wanted SS again for durability. The weber ones are $69.99 now at amazon, the really do hold up great but they don't hold heat for great searing. I considered RCPLANEBUYERS, but at $150 delivered..pretty steep(I did use his flavorbars). I found these 300 series stainless grates using 1/4" rod, 300 series on ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/291129676722?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649) from riversedge. They are well made and in use tonight did really nice. They are not magnetic so I believe the claims on being 300 series. They also saved me $5 over the Weber... In short, most of my observations in the first couple post I still feel are fairly valid. To reduce the chance of a repeat on the rust on the bottom panel, it got truck bedliner treatment, the side panels the bottom 6" got bedliner with an extra couple coats of high temp enamel from the bedliner up.
  3. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

    Thanks and you as well. Submarines here. Anyhow, today was clean and take apart day. It was worse than I expected. The side panels on the cabinet and the floor of the cabinet are not made of good material at all. The back panel I knew about, however the bottom panel looked fine when the thing was together. When I took the panels off it became apparent that the bottom shelf was completely rusted. The back where it meets the back panel all fell apart like a bad rocker panel on a car in the northeast... The left side floor looked ok, when I rapped it with my knuckles, I punched a hole in it. So, called weber and that part is $139 bucks...they gave me a break and knocked $50 off it but was still a $100 call.Weber CS does rock, The other PITA is the ss bolt that holds teh firebox on the left side rusted in place so badly I cant get it out of the box,the bolt broke when i tried. Used my dremel to cut the nut but still cant get the bolt out. Got the firebox out but that bolt that I have now cut off flush on both sides of the firebox just does not wanna come out. I need to try and drill it out. Will pick up a good drill bit for ss this week. In short, looks like this grill is going to cost about $375 to rehab. Is it worth it? In retrospect I wouldn't have started this knowing that up front, but at this point I have too many parts on the way that would cost too much to ship back..so forward I go. If I get 8 years at this point I will be happy, that will make it 17 years old. I could however have gotten a good quality new grill for the cost that would have lasted me another 8 years in the Broil King line. I'll be happy with the grill as far as using it goes, I've been quite happy with the B, so the C will be fine. I can look at this from the ecological side as saving a grill from the landfill but really it was a poor economic choice to rehab when I factor in my time. I normally like fixing stuff but with a 7 year old at home...I would rather be doing daddy time than the 5 of so hours this is taking me. The cost of parts are really going up quickly since I last bought them in 2010 for the Silver B. I think a decade+ ago it made sense to buy a good quality grill that you could keep in service with care and service. However with the price of metals going exponential and far beyond cost of living and wages it is making less and less sense. The parts just end up costing so much that getting a 4 year then dispose unit will make better sense fiscally. In fact I would argue that the cost of materials is making the current high mid and low upper grill be of sub standard quality anyhow. I see far too many reports and pictures of 2-3 year old Genesis grills in the new style that are rusting like heck. Even new in the showroom, the lower quality is obvious. The firebox s thinner than the older genesis silvers and will bend easily when you push on it. If you are going to be working to keep a older weber in service, I recommend you get the best quality ss flavor bars and ss grates that will last as long as possible. With the cost of even porcelain enameled steel from weber running right at a $100 to replace both spending 25-30% more to get twice the life is easily a good call. So in short..that is the progress so far. Apart and cleaned. Parts painted and drying in the yard, new parts on the way and hopefully next weekend I will be doing Sunday diner on the Genesis C
  4. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

  5. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

    Thanks. I am. Curious to see how the newer c holds up after the refurbish is done. It's going to cost me around $250 when all said and done. I had been thinking of a new Huntington at Lowes by Broil king that would have run me $270 after mil discount so....
  6. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

    how long do you think a set of burners can last used 3-4 times a week? I look at 4 items as being common to replace. The burners, the grates, the flavor bars and the igniter. If those last 6-7 years and cost $150 or less every time then it works out well. If they last 4 years and cost me $200 (grate $80, Burners $45, Flavorbars $50 and igniter $25) each time, I'm starting to feel the math is against me. heck , even if I got the 7 years out of all those like I did with the first sets that came with the 2003 Silver B.
  7. cerich

    Observations on Quality over time

    So, in 2010 I refurbed a 2003 Silver B, I got new burners from weber under warranty and installed them, I kept the old burners because honestly they weren't too bad. I took apart the grill a couple weeks so to clean, the burners I got in 2010 were in worse shape than the ones from 2003 when I replaced them, by far.The crossover was shot, about to fail with almost every flame hole rusted out making it a long line of open. The grill has gotten 3-4 uses a week since new..... The frame had a little rust in 2010 that I cleaned up and the repainted areas are holding up well. Quite happy with. The original burners are not magnetic, the replacements in 2010 are. My inlaws gave me their 2005 Silver C the following weekend..... they didn't like how it was working and the bought a new grill instead of playing with it. My wife told them to give us the old one, she knew I wanted one with a side burner.... great wife. They used it maybe every couple months...maybe. The burners were shot, crossover completely rusted into pieces, the burners proper had the holes joining in a variety of places. The Back panel of the cabinet had a HUGE rust spot the size of my fist, the stainless cover that folds down over the side burner was completely rusted inside. The CI grates are almost rusted thru, which I "think" they were porcelain coated, if not I understand why rusted. So, I have spent $100 with weber getting the parts..which doesn't bother me that much...except that parts I bought in 2010 for my Silver B were now twice the price for the same parts in 2014 (SS Grates, SS Flavor Bars) I am thinking of getting them from rcplanebuyer this time around..the grates are the only part I am not sure on..$150 delivered is pretty steep. Any advice there? Anyhow, just had to vent