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Found 1 result

  1. richlife

    Brass Grill Brushes

    Almost a year ago, I bought a new Weber Q-1200 to go with my Genesis EP-330. My wife has this horrible alpha-gal allergy (I can't say enough what a negative impact this has had on our lives -- she gets the brunt, but it is a family disaster). Whether fact or not, she feels that food cooked on the Genesis (a major meat cooker) contaminates food cooked for her despite all the precautions I take. So a different grill seemed worthwhile and maybe it does help -- she thinks so. But the point of this post is that the Q has porcelain coated cast iron grates (PCI). I don't like to use the "new" stainless grill brushes on PCI because of my concern for scraping the porcelain. (Interestingly, I stumbled on an old, unrelated thread here today that voiced that same concern.) So I set out looking for a brass bristle grill brush. (I'm aware of the concern for bristle particles possibly coming off and sticking to the grill and thence getting ingested with not-good outcomes. First of all, awareness is key to prevention and, secondly, I clean the grates well, so there is no real likelihood of bristles going unnoticed.) Guess what? Brass brushes are hard to find. None at Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Lowes food, Piggly Wiggly, Harris Teeter or Food Lion. All replaced with stainless steel brushes -- just fine for my Genny SS grates, but not what I want on the Q. I finally said to h--- with it and went to Amazon. Still very few, but I did find a Rubbermaid 8" handle model (just fine for the small Q). And voila! First time, got an excellent clean on the grates. Happiness reigns again in Q-dom. I did warn my wife about the potential for dropped bristles, but no true worries there. So I'm wondering if brass brushes are now a thing of the past? Too bad, if so. They do a better job of grate cleaning than the stainless bristles on PCI and I really believe the stiff SS bristles will damage the PCI grates at some point. (And BTW, the small Q makes a great travel companion. You have no idea how difficult it can be for an alpha-gal sufferer to eat out. First there is all the education at each restaurant (of the limited options there are -- fast food is out due to cross contamination), second the very real fear that even with all the effort to tell the staff/cook about how/what to handle, they will not get it right and a reaction (sickness or anaphylactic shock) may follow that night. The latter is not good when you may be miles from a medical facility. So a travelling grill makes food prep much easier -- DIY. And all this is a good example of why alpha-gal is bad on families. Going out to eat has mostly been eliminated in our household. Sad because we both enjoy an occasional meal out.)