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Found 5 results

  1. From reading the build manual, it seems the grill just slides into the cut out and isn't actually structurally supported by the counter. Can I use the grill as a stand alone to cook while I work on building the island?
  2. I have a Summit S-420 NG. I believe I probably bought it about a week before infrared/searing was offered at Weber? Anyway I want to add searing capabilities to my Summit BBQ. I'm wondering if I can remove a burner and add a searing 'burner' or maybe a side station with a sear burner? If this has been discussed please point me in that direction. Thanks!
  3. Hi - seeking a natural gas manifold for our 2009 Genesis S-310. This is for the old side control knob grill Weber part # is 67610 Have a LP gas manifold now - Weber # 67611 in good working condition to trade if desired. ThanksNL
  4. springles

    low flame issue

    I have a 10 years old weber genesis. I think it's a genesis b but I'm not sure. Recently I've noticed that the grill wasn't getting hot. I tested different things and saw that when just one burner is on the flame is going well but when I turned on the 2nd and 3rd burner the flame on the first is going lower. I tried resetting the regulator by disconnecting the hose and then turning on all burners for a couple minutes before shutting off and reconnecting the hose. This seemed to work at first and the bbq worked. But after 20 minutes the flames went down again. Tried this again with the same results. I tried using a new propane tank and same thing. I looked for a leak on the hose with soap water but didn't see anything. What else can I try or do I need a new hose and regulator? Another observation, whenever I disconnecting the hose there was a hiss of gas escaping even after I left burners on without flame for a while before closing the tank and disconnecting. Please help! This is prime bbq season I'm missing. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am new to grilling. I will appreciate if some one can tell me how to mount 4 chickens on weber summit S-670 . Thanks, akkas