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Found 2 results

  1. BBQTanager

    Convert JA-580 from NG to Propane

    I inherited a 15 year old JA580 that is set for natural gas. I want to convert to propane. I've read the posts from 10 years ago that say you can buy a Marshal 290 two-stage regulator, not change out the orifices, and adjust the pressure as measured using a manometer. For a 2017 conversion it seems the MARSHAL MEGR-291 replaces the 290. The 291 is $31. I have also seen a two stage Camco 59333 regulatorfor $17 and it has the tank connector already attached. Would using the Camco and changing the pressure but not changing the orifices work? I don't mind buy the Marshall but I would have to buy some hose and fittings. Thanks
  2. I have a Vermont Castings VCS5037 - which I absolutely love. I'm trying to find the LP to NG conversion kit, but nobody seems to carry it any more. I suspect it has to do with the sale of CFM a few years back. Does anyone know how I can either get my hands on a conversion kit (new or used) or any other alternatives to getting this BBQ converted to NG (safely!)? Cheers!