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Found 2 results

  1. BBQTanager

    Convert JA-580 from NG to Propane

    I inherited a 15 year old JA580 that is set for natural gas. I want to convert to propane. I've read the posts from 10 years ago that say you can buy a Marshal 290 two-stage regulator, not change out the orifices, and adjust the pressure as measured using a manometer. For a 2017 conversion it seems the MARSHAL MEGR-291 replaces the 290. The 291 is $31. I have also seen a two stage Camco 59333 regulatorfor $17 and it has the tank connector already attached. Would using the Camco and changing the pressure but not changing the orifices work? I don't mind buy the Marshall but I would have to buy some hose and fittings. Thanks
  2. Ryebrye

    Converting a S-670 to NG

    I have a 2008 Lp s-670. I'm going to convert it to natural gas. My dad has a 2006ish 640(?) Built-in that he bought from someone who was clearly trying to convert it to natural gas because it came with 2 extra manifolds (one propane manifold that was bent, one ng manifold already installed, and one ng manifold in pristine condition. I'm not sure what that person was thinking) I can take the valves and the orifices off of those manifolds. His model doeant have the sear station, but I think I can just steal an orifice from another burner and put it on there? I know you can just swap out the orifices, but it seems like the valves make a huge difference too - an ng valve with a propane orifice on it puts out way more heat on the low setting than my untouched Lp 670 does (we first swapped just the orifices on one of his ng manifolds to Lp and it still runs hot on the low settings - I'm pretty sure it's the valves that need to be swapped) One thing I'm not sure about is if I need to use an ng regulator. I have a 3 burner ng genesis (maybe a 2008 or 2009 model? Not sure) and it just takes the flexible hose straight to the manifold. The s-670 ng model does have a regulator on it - is it needed? I'm pretty sure I'm at 7" wc at my gas connector without a regulator. I'm going to have to replace my ir burner orifice still and it sounds like I need to replace the entire side burner as a unit? I could take the side burner out of my ng genesis and put it on my s-670. They are identical side burner units with an identical quick connect fitting - (obviously I'd either have to swap my genesis over to Lp or I'd have a crappy side burner on it when using it with ng) I will join the club that thinks it's ridiculous that weber considers it too much liability to let people swap them themselves when the essential steps of taking off the manifold is pretty close to their regular maintenance to clean burners... But whatever. If I do have to call weber to get parts, does anyone with an ng 2008 s-670 want to trade serial numbers with me for a day?