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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Fellow BBQ Enthusiasts, Finally got around to building my own Hardiebacker smoker. I documented the build with some pictures - go here to check it out. Comments much appreciated. Agglomerator
  2. felixdacat

    Large Smoker Box?

    I have a vertical smoker. The kind with that is a rectangular box, with the propane burner at the bottom, then the roughly 5"x5" smoker box above the flame, then the water pan, the the cooking racks. I would like to put up a brisket, late at night, go to sleep and continue in the morning. I don't feel that the small box for the wood chips would last 8 hours. I would like a box that is at least 12" in length but I can't seem to find anything. I could grab a cast iron pan, but they do not have lids with holes in them. Is the lid important? I'm guessing it slows the smoke process down a bit. Perhaps without the lid, the wood would be used up long before I wake up to replenish. Thoughts? Suggestions? FX
  3. Finally broke down and bought a 30 inch Masterbuilt Electic smoker w/Bluetooth Added the cold smoker attachment Bluetooth not very strong, loses signal once I walk into house Ribs came out great, as did some smoked sausage and chicken wings! Couple of pics