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Smoked jalapeno injected/marinated bacon-wrapped turkey breast for the

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Hey guys!


So quiet around here... surely there was more grilling going on yesterday than the post counts would indicate. I hope everyone had/is having an enjoyable and safe holiday.


I got together with friends at a cooking buddy's house yesterday. He did a 10-hr WSM brisket that was fantastic. Here was my contribution to the event:


Smoked jalapenos the day before @ 230° for 3 hours



Blended to a paste with oil and a little rice wine vinegar then mixed with melted butter for the injection sauce and water, salt, sugar, and poultry herbs for the marinade.



I removed the skin of the turkey (didn't want it to be soggy under the bacon) and marinated for 18 hours. Then it got the weave B):





Cooked at ~365° for 2.25 hours with a loose foil wrap for the second half because the bacon was crisping up too quickly.





The end result was well worth it. Very juicy turkey with a ton of flavor throughout. My friends and their kids all loved it.





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The bacon weave is a piece of art sir. The Jalapeno's look so good I might do that and then stuff em with what ever makes sense in the pantry.


Looks like your contribution must have been quite the hit.


A July 1 celebrator but no grilling happened that day. I'll have some shots of the breakin of the new gasser soon. just have to get my duff off the office chair and into my home desk chair.

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I've been lurking for ages, but I must now comment. That sir, is a great work of art. You have taken bacon to a new height. Thank you for the post and photos!

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