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Rebuildting a Viking Grill

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About 5 or 6 years ago I picked up a used Viking 42" with sideburners and a stainless cart. At the time I replaced he cooking grids, cleaned it out, etc. It was probably 5-10 years old at the time. Overall it all still looks great and is build like a stainless tank!!


There is a slow gas leak now the rotisserie never worked , and the ignition was never right.


I look at the grill as a 300 LB stainless shell that'll last forever...The burners are in great shape. I'd like to put a high quality ignition and perhaps go through everything and tighten it up.


Aside from viking factory parts, is there a quality electronic ignition I can put in there? Are the valves for each burner proprietary or should those be replaced?

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You're kind of in the boat I am in with my Wolf grill. Especially with my ignitors. I have found some charbroil replacement electrodes I believe I can retrofit. Much cheaper than the $80 ea that Wolf wants for the little spark electrodes. The only thing I have to come with is some heat proof silicone jacket material for the electrode wires. Right now the whole project is on standstill. Too much on my plate. Cars need attention (cannot do thanks to weather extremes (varies from highs of -15 F to ice and snow storms totally brutal winter), and than this past Tuesday lost our mom so all those details are on the table. When it rains it pours I guess.

So re your question you may want to post in the Viking forum, also depends how good you are at improvising.

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