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Mid-winter Sunday smoking

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(Long post with smoked porn -- sorry for the delay. As usual, right click on the thumb to open fast in a new tab, double click on the thumb if you want to see the pic in detail but slower to load.)


Mostly the past few months I've been too busy for any serious grilling or smoking. I still grill a couple times a week, but due to my wife's meat allergy (alpha-gal), it's mostly just for me except for some veggies and occasional chicken or fish. About a week ago I decided to smoke some meat for chili and for sandwiches. So I got a corned beef and a sirloin tip roast out of the freezer to thaw for quick pastrami (a' la TVWB) and beef for Sammies and chili. Winter finally ccoughed up a break with a sunny day at about 50°, so here we go!


Ok, the first problem turned out to be no coriander for the pastrami, Not to be put off, I subbed some dried cilantro (same plant, right?) with a little thyme and fennel seed. For the 3-lb sirloin roast, I cut off a pound or so for slicing leaving 2 lbs to cut into 1/2" cubes for the chili. Naturally, I left both beef pieces intact for smoking. Coated both with a paprika-heavy bbq rub mixed with some Cajun rub and extra freshly ground black pepper left over from the pastrami rub. (I mix all my own rubs, so I just use them as I see fit. Sort of like beer -- I also used to home brew so I had no difficulty with mixing my own beers to get what I want. If they can do it with wine why not? Mixing beer is easy -- try with a couple of your own store bought. Edit: Just remember that mixing two American ales will still just get you horse piss.)


All 3 rubbed roasts went on the WSM -- pastrami on the bottom rack because I (correctly) expected it to take longer getting to 165° than the sirloin which I wanted on the rare side -- 125°. I have 2 meat probes -- a Maverick and an older Pyrex.


More below about brunch, but now the sirloin is off and resting. I expect to make chili tomorrow. The pastrami is at 156°. I'll wrap it to rest a couple of hours in a cooler before refrigerating overnight to slice tomorrow. I plan to take a steak off each just to try grilling them this week. Some will also go in the freezer unsliced until needed. Same with about half the chili which I'll prepare in our crock pot.



Got the smoker started with two meat probes ready.



The 2-part sirloin on top, with the corned beef below.



So this is where I spent the afternoon -- and where I wrote this post.


After getting the roasts on, it was time for brunch. I added some store-bought bacon to the smoker -- some for brunch, some for ABTS to come later. I put a small cast iron skillet on the side-burner of my grill, fried up a small 3/16" sliced potato with salt and pepper, added a couple of eggs and some cubed cheddar, put bacon, potato-egg-cheese mixture on a large flour tortilla and wrapped with a lime/garlic green salsa Sheila found and enjoyed a really good brunch beside the smoker.



This is the layout with bacon on the smoker, skillet heating oil, eggs etc. ready.



Putting it together really looked good.



Now I'm ready to sit in that chair and enjoy.


I think at this point I'll have a pastrami steak, ABT and grilled potato for dinner later. And then rest from my labors. (Hmph -- nice "plan".)



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Ok, pictures finally posted in the edited original. A little explanation may help (at least may help me).


A month or so back a violent set of power surges fortunately left my audio/visual system without any damage (good surge protectors) but made a mish-mash of my laptop hard drive. Usually laptops are protected, but the battery died long ago and I couldn't get a replacement for this old (6 years) machine. (Don't feel sorry for me yet -- my new laptop is due any day.)


I ended up having to completely reinstall Win7, but fortunately the laptop still works and I keep good backups. So within a week I was mostly back to normal -- until I tried to get these pics today. Last Black Friday, Sheila decided to update us to smartphones. I've taken some pics, but today's were the first I really wanted to send out. Oops! At 4MB a pic, it was a true foobar. Then I couldn't find a decent app to resize the pics before emailing. All those great Android photo editors and hardly any allow resizing. (PLEASE let me know if you know of one.) I finally located a resize app that had some reasonable function (oddly enough called "Photo Editor"). It's a little awkward in use, but it seems reliable and capable and IT RESIZES!


BUT! In rebuilding my laptop, I didn't reload MS Office. Instead I used the Kingsoft Office because it works well on my tablet also. Unfortunately, it seems the photo editor I used to have that was great was not named Windows, but was MS Office...


So the net is that I apologize not only for the delay, but also the lack of proper editing and cropping on the pics.


I'll be moving to Win8 this week on a new machine (oh WHAT a THRILL!! <_< ). Maybe after I understand all that, I can produce some decent pics again.



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I am so jealous. You can actually see ground!! I am afraid by the time I can see ground I will also need to build an arc. We got really cold before the snows hit in early December, going well below 0 and staying there ever since. So with the many feet of now piled up if we get a sudden thaw that water will no place to go except maybe my basement :angry:

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